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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Facebook Advertisements ’ Category

‘Brands and their Facebook bots can now start conversations through ads’ – ‘Mashable’

Patrick Kulp says, “Facebook is making it easier than ever for brands to lure you into chatting with them. The social network rolled out a new type of ad on Tuesday that lets advertisers with or without Messenger bots solicit messages through sponsored News Feed posts. The posts look like any other ad on the site, […]

‘Facebook Advertising Advice: 10 Tips From Experts at Trello, WeWork & More’ – HubSpot

Sophia Bernazzani says, “Facebook started as a way for college classmates to communicate, and it’s since evolved into a hub for content creation, sharing, and advertising. Over one billion active users engage on Facebook every day, which represents a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to leverage their content in front of potential customers. The variety of targeting […]

‘Facebook’s advertiser count surpasses 4 million brands, with 20% buying video ads’ – Marketing Land

Tim Peterson says, “Back in March 2016, you might remember Facebook announcing that three million businesses actively advertise on its social network. Well, now that number is four million. That’s one million advertisers added in less than seven months. For comparison, Facebook’s main current rival in the social advertising space, Twitter, claimed more than 130,000 advertisers […]

’10 Things You Should Know About Facebook Ads’ – Small Business Trends

Matt Mansfield says, “If you want to break through all the noise on social media, it sometimes pays to advertise. And when it comes to social media advertising, Facebook is still the king. But while the social media giant has made strides in simplifying its advertising platform, it’s still robust enough for certain features to slip through […]

‘3 Deadly Sins of Facebook Advertising’ – Entrepreneur

Josh Denning says, “The story is an all-too-familiar one: A business owner reads several success stories for Facebook Advertising and decides to try herself. After all, how hard is it, really? She reads everything she can and does everything she’s supposed to. She writes a compelling headline, chooses an image, writes persuasive copy, but, when […]

‘How to Write Better Headlines for Your Facebook Ads’ – HubSpot

Sophia Bernazzani says, “With 1.13 billion daily active users engaging on the platform, Facebook has become an obvious option for marketers looking to explore the benefits of targeted ad creation. And while Facebook’s targeting options make it easier for you to get your ads in front of the people you really care about, it’s ultimately […]

‘5 reasons your Facebook Ads aren’t working’ – Marketing Land

Blaise Lucey says, “Brands big and small have deployed Facebook Ads. They can come up with an inspirational post to help their fans start their mornings. There are great guides, amazing brand videos and user-generated content that help generate leads and build awareness. Many companies finally have a Facebook strategy in place, and it’s running […]

‘What Does the Future of Facebook Advertising Look Like?’ – HubSpot

Ellen Bartolino says, “While the content your business creates is important, delivering it to the right people is easily half the battle. Using Facebook’s paid tools to expand your reach might be a no-brainer, but leveraging them to their full potential is another question entirely. Facebook’s advertising platform allows marketers to effectively target a specific […]

‘7 Steps to Create and Measure Winning Facebook Ads’ – AWeber

Rebecca Pollard says, “Searching for a tactic to send more traffic to your website sign up forms and grow your email marketing audience? Facebook’s a good option. With 1.65 billion monthly users, Facebook gives you a huge audience, who you can connect with, drive to your site and get to join your subscriber list. At […]

‘How to run a conversion-focused Facebook Ads campaign’ – Marketing Land

Khalid Saleh says, “With 1.09 billion users, Facebook is an advertiser’s dream come true. But this immense reach also brings with it a lot of challenges. As click-through rates drop and competition increases, it’s more important than ever to run a conversion-focused Facebook ad campaign. In this post, I’ll share four things you can do […]