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Friday, December 3, 2021

Archive for the 'Facebook News' Category

Facebook Policy Changes and Its Impact on Small Business

Smart Company’s Eloise Keating has published an article titled ‘Small businesses caught in the crossfire as Facebook shows its true colours’ highlighting the impact on small businesses due to Facebook’s policy changes. He says, “An independent bookshop in Sydney. A small brewery on the Gold Coast. A private group focused on shopping small and supporting parents. A prominent small business industry association. These are just a few of the countless Australian businesses and organisations that yesterday woke up to find their entire Facebook presence had vanished. After... [...]

1-Click Social for WordPress; repair your broken Facebook/Instagram links #ad

On Oct 24th, 2020, Facebook decided to do a major change in its API (Application Programming Interface) that resulted in breaking more than 20 million websites. If your site embeds content from Facebook or Instagram, you were affected. This change has been in the news throughout October. Nevertheless, many website owners have not been aware of the problem. Even worse, they haven’t had a way to get around it, even if they did know about it. If you are a programmer, you can work with the new Facebook API to build a new application for each of your sites. If you don’t know how to that,... [...]

Facebook Tightens Copyright Infringement Rules: What Marketers Need to Know [Podcast]

Facebook continues to update its copyright infringement rules for images and other content. In Social Media Examiner’s latest Social Media Marketing Talk Show ‘Facebook Tightens Copyright Infringement Rules: What Marketers Need to Know’, Jamie Lieberman shares insights on Facebook’s recent amendments. The SME team says, “Explore the new Facebook Rights Manager for Images and what copyright infringement means for marketers with special guest Jamie Lieberman, this week on the Social Media Marketing Talk Show”. Click Here to Access ‘Facebook Tightens Copyright... [...]

Facebook May Leave Europe Over Data-Sharing Regulations [Video]

IgniteVisibility has published a new video ‘Facebook May Leave Europe Over Data-Sharing Regulations’ on YouTube. The IgniteVisibility team says, “The digital marketing news this week! Big news, don’t miss the updates this week. This week: Google opens Ads API to everybody, Facebook might pull out of Europe, and Pinterest has its own version of Stories. Here’s what happened this week in digital marketing. 1. Google now supports ecommerce structured data markup 2. Facebook gets rid of 20% text rule in images! Now they can serve more ads make more $$ 3. Google ads video... [...]

Analyzing the Impact of Facebook Ads Limit on Your Advertising Strategy

Facebook has announced new ad limits for the advertisers. According to Facebook: “When an advertiser runs too many ads at once, each ad delivers less often. This means that fewer ads exit the learning phase, and more budget is spent before the delivery system can optimize performance.” Vertical Leap’s Mihai Serban has published an article highlighting the impact of Facebook’s new ad limits on your advertising strategy. Serban says, “The reason behind the Facebook ads limit is purely technical. The search giant says that once an advertiser runs too many ads, each of... [...]

Facebook Algorithm to Favor Original Reporting [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal’s Christine Zirnheld has published a new podcast episode ‘Facebook Algorithm to Favor Original Reporting’ highlighting how Facebook is going to treat original reporting on its network. Zirnheld says, “This week on Marketing O’Clock, the team covers Facebook’s newsworthy algorithm change, free Google Shopping listings in the main search results, and more. This week, Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld cover all the digital marketing headlines before you log off for the holiday weekend. Facebook will prioritize original... [...]

Facebook Testing ‘Suggested Time’ Feature

Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today has reported that Facebook is testing ‘Suggested Time’ feature to allow its users schedule their posts on the social network. Hutchinson says, “This is interesting – Facebook is reportedly testing a new ‘Suggested’ option within its post scheduling options for Pages which would enable Page admins to reach their audiences when they’re most active on the platform. As you can see in this image, posted by Facebook Page admin @GIFChaseH (and shared by social media expert Matt Navarra), the new scheduling screen includes... [...]

Highlights from Facebook’s Q3 report

Marketing Land contributor Robin Kurzer has highlighted three distinct points from Facebook’s quarter 3 earnings report. Kurzer says, “In addition reporting lower-than-expected revenue growth in the third-quarter, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was uncharacteristically blunt about many of the challenges facing the company. It was an effort to set Wall Street expectations, but there are takeaways for marketers, too. Here are some of the highlights: Usage is up … in emerging markets. Facebook’s reach in North America and Europe has essentially hit a saturation point. The question... [...]

Facebook Messenger 4 to better connect brands and customers [report]

The Marketing Land ha reported that the Facebook Messenger 4 will enhance the users’ ability to connect with the brands online. On how the messenger 4 will affect the brands, Amy Gesenhues says, “Facebook Messenger is gaining more traction with brands as more companies are using the messaging platform to reach consumers, either directly or via bots or ads. Facebook’s efforts to simplify the layout of Messenger and drive more engagement play right into the company’s goal of further monetizing the messaging app so that it is a consistent stream of ad revenue. Akvile DeFazio, president... [...]

Facebook launches ‘Facebook Attribution’ tool

Facebook has launched the ‘Facebook Attribution’, new measurement tool for the marketers. This new tool will give marketers a more holistic view of the customer journey. The Facebook team says, “Facebook Attribution helps you measure the impact of your ads across the Facebook family of apps and services and across publishers. For example, using the new data-driven attribution model, you can see how your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger are contributing to incremental business results compared to if you were not running ads. And to gain a better understanding... [...]