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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Want 1 cent clicks to your e-commerce store? #ad

An avid surfer (nicknamed Lyfe Lyte) travels the world (and has for years) to every surfing beach he can find, always hunting down his next wave. In fact, he just got back to America a few months ago after spending 2 full years surfing.This isn’t a cheap lifestyle that he has chosen, even though he often sleeps on the beach. But he has the income to live this way because he has set up processes for his business, so he doesn’t have to be tied down to a desk just to keep his business going.Lyte said, “I didn’t start a business online just to be on the computer 15 hours... [...]

$1500+ a Day? Expert Interview On Building High Quality Customer Lists Via PPC #ad

“$1500+ a Day” is an expert interview with Don Burk, who has 25 years marketing experience. Pay attention to what he says. Don really simplifies the entire process in this interview and Gerald Gigerl, who interviews him, does a great job of asking the right questions.In this training, you discover:• How to make up to $30,000 profit from a single PPC campaign.• How Don makes up to $1670 a day from PPC and how YOU CAN TOO.• How to develop a high quality customer list via PPC.• What you need to know about building a high quality List.• Why paid search traffic is one of... [...]