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Friday, August 23, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Facebook Advertisements ’ Category

‘Six B2B Takeaways From Six Great Facebook Ads’ – MarketingProfs

Daniel Kushner says, “Facebook is a powerful social media outlet, even for B2B marketers. Though it’s known as the social network of choice for B2C companies, and some have concerns whether organic Facebook marketing is still viable for B2B companies, the fact remains that with 1.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook still reigns supreme for […]

‘How to Monetize Your Facebook Advertising’ – Entrepreneur

Erin Schultz says, “When a Facebook advertising campaign isn’t going so well, it’s easy to put the emphasis on the Facebook ads themselves instead of addressing issues that aren’t even on Facebook. In part three of this video tutorial, Entrepreneur Network partner and marketing expert Ben Angel explains how problems with a campaign are often […]

‘4 Insider Tips for Getting Facebook Ads to Work for You’ –

Peter Brooke says, “Facebook Ads are some of the web’s most versatile marketing tools, offering an unparalleled array of targeting options and tools. But just because these options are easy to select doesn’t mean that they’re easy to master. Unlike Google AdWords and most other PPC ads, Facebook Ads don’t rely on matching keywords to […]

‘Why all the excitement surrounding Facebook’s Dynamic Ads?’ – Econsultancy

Lauren Evans says, “It wasn’t too long ago that people were saying that trying to sell products and services on social media would never be very successful. Well, direct response social ads – specifically Dynamic Ads for Facebook – are showing these reservations might not hold true. Because they’re starting to really take off. In […]

‘Facebook Lead Ads: Facebook Debuts New Advertising’ –

Ewa Puchalska says, “So, a website and blog for your company or product are all set up. You’ve created content, something that potential customers should dig into immediately – and some of them do. They even spend a decent amount of time on your website, so says your Google Analytics. But why aren’t they giving […]

‘Facebook Advertising Is Where It’s at, Which Is Why I Spent $3 Million on It’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Kyle Taylor says, “The advertising side of Facebook tends to get a bad rap. Small business owners often complain that the user interface constantly changes, or that it’s increasingly difficult and expensive to reach fans. But when you get down to it, Facebook ads do work — only if you follow certain best practices for reaching your target […]

‘Three things that Lead Ads tell us about the future of Facebook advertising’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Jeff Rajeck says, “Facebook recently launched a new way to advertise: Lead Ads. We’ve been trying them out as part of the promotion for an upcoming event, and this has revealed three things about the future of Facebook advertising. I’ll go into that in more detail, but first a quick plug for the event in question. […]

Instantly improve your Facebook ad targeting #ad

Ali G‘s new Social Interest Freak software finds just the Facebook members who are likely buyers for your product or service, so you can show your ads only to them. Now, you can focus the targeting for your Facebook ads using any number of criteria for defining the audience you are wanting to reach. Maybe […]

Social Interest Freak: Pinpoint ad targeting for Facebook and Instagram #ad

Ali G has just released his new Social Interest Freak desktop software. Actually, this is version 2, an upgrade from his earlier release. It’s built on Adobe AIR, so whether you use a PC or a Mac, this is for you. It started out as a Facebook tool, but now, in Version 2, Instagram is […]

‘4 Things Businesses Need to Know But Often Don’t About Facebook Advertising’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Kim Walsh-Phillips says, “Businesses should be measuring their social media activities, but many still don’t. According to this year’s Industry Report from, only 42 percent of businesses surveyed said they were able to measure their social activities. Related: How to Save at Least 2 Hours Per Week on Social-Media Marketing As for measuring ROI, 37 percent in 2014 indicated […]