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Friday, January 24, 2020
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Domain Monetization ’ Category

Guaranteed Adsense income with done-for-you autopilot sites #ad

The Expert SEO Services team will build you any number of websites that they will guarantee will earn Adsense income. They have a sliding scale fee, depending on how many you want.. They offer complete turnkey service, including: • They find a hungry niche to target, keywords to use and an exact match domain name […]

Affmagic Worpdress Plugin: trade AdSense for higher-paying ads #ad

There are a lot of advantages to AdSense ads, especially their ad management process and their eye-catching look. But they have a disadvantage, too: they typically don’t pay well. Affmagic Worpdress Plugin lets you create and manage eye-catching ads for other products, ads that pay better than AdSense. Affmagic Worpdress Plugin automates your whole ad […]

WP-TreasureLinker: lets you place ads in your blog posts, pages #ad

This ad is a so-called “interstitial” ad, of the simplest type. It appears in the stream of posts on our site, mixed with other posts on the home page. It has been shown that interstitial ads are the most productive kind. We employ them; so do many other large blogs. NewsWatch does a little, but […]

ClickSense Theme lets you build a 5-page WordPress site in 10 minutes #ad

ClickSense Theme is a WP theme that enables you to create a full working site in just 10 minutes. It comes with 5 page templates, 7 color schemes, 26 custom favicons and auto-generated custom logo. That’s real flexibility. ClickSense Theme is designed for sites that feature AdSense. It places AdSense where the Google heatmap indicates […]

The AdSense Dragon breathes life into your AdSense business #ad

A good WP theme like ClickSense Theme helps your AdSense business a lot, but knowing what you’re doing helps even more. That’s why you need The AdSense Dragon The AdSense Dragon is a thorough look at what works in 2012 for AdSense. It leaves nothing to guesswork. Wouldn’t your AdSense business improve if you discovered: 1. How […]

SuperPress Plugin for WordPress builds passive income sites #ad

Eric Nelson has been busy. Besides Azon Armageddon, he has created a new WP plugin, SuperPress Plugin. Nelson says this new plugin makes your new passive site “100% no hassle 100% Foolproof [and] easier than ever” On his sales page for SuperPress Plugin, he demos how he can make a niche site in under 8 minutes. And he […]

Wplinkster WordPress Plugin automates your blog monetization #ad

New plugin combines the functions of multiple older plugins and adds new capabilities, too: • Tracks all your affiliate or CPA click, showing stats for each link, including the IP address of the person who clicks • Makes it easy to add internal links to existing posts and pages • Quickly adds authority links to […]

“Adsense Money Making Geyser” shows how to use Adsense for Passive Income #ad

Adsense isn’t dead. Some people are still making good money with it. Ken Black is one of them. He just released new training, Adsense Money Making Geyser, show show you how it’s done. In this report (text plus 9 videos) you discover: + How to build an Adsense site quickly + How to increase your clickthroughs […]