A good WP theme like ClickSense Theme

helps your AdSense business a lot, but knowing what you’re doing helps even more. That’s why you need The AdSense Dragon

The AdSense Dragon is a thorough look at what works in 2012 for AdSense. It leaves nothing to guesswork.

Wouldn’t your AdSense business improve if you discovered:
1. How to quickly and easily choose a profitable niche for Adsense
2. How to find the keywords that bring in AdSense income in that niche
3. How to build sites that Google considers authorities, not microsites
4. How to do both on-page and off-page SEO for your site.
5. How to stay off Google’s “naught website” list so you don’t destroy your AdSense income
6. A list of WordPress plugins that can make your site better, so that its visitors are more engaged? You get a complete list of useful plugins.

Plus, when you buy through IM NewsWatch, you get a remarkable set of bonuses:
• WordPress Clickbank plugin to let you sell Clickbank products on your blog
• 1000 high-quality niche articles
• CPA Timeline Annihilator course (Last month, we advertised it in a WSO for about $15
• Pinterest and Polyvore Traffic System
• Traffic Ace- your guide to website traffic
• WPDollar plugin- provides text ads, review posts and banner ads for your website
• iPhone App Riches- the easy formula for earning money with iPhone apps
• Membership Rishes- how to earn rucurring income with your own membership site
• The Ultimate Social media Plan- using high-traffic social media sites to build your business
• How to Get 10,000 YouTube Views in a week

Get your copy now, before the price rises further. The bonuses will be delivered with your product. IM NewsWatch has arranged with the AdSense Dragon team that your bonus will be automatically delivered in the membership area.

Get it here: The AdSense Dragon

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