ClickSense Theme is a WP theme that enables you to create a full working site in just 10 minutes. It comes with 5 page templates, 7 color schemes, 26 custom favicons and auto-generated custom logo. That’s real flexibility.

ClickSense Theme is designed for sites that feature AdSense. It places AdSense where the Google heatmap indicates will provide high click through while fully complying with Google’s policies.

The theme is designed to be usable by beginners; no technical tweaking is needed. Everything can be controlled from the dashboard. There are plenty of options, all easily changed.

AdSense can supply a steady income, with little ongoing effort.ClickSense Theme minimizes that effort.

Along with the theme, you get videos showing how to use it and a 12-page guide. Plus you get lifetime support and free access to all new versions. For example, the programmer is working on a new release (no charge to buyers of the first release) that will automatically change the site format to respond to smartphones, iPads and other tablets.

Here’s a chance to get a developer’s license to a theme that can grow with you, letting you build as many sites as you choose: for yourself, your clients and your site flip customers.

Get your own WordPress theme for AdSense here: ClickSense Theme

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