There are a lot of advantages to AdSense ads, especially their ad management process and their eye-catching look. But they have a disadvantage, too: they typically don’t pay well.

Affmagic Worpdress Plugin

lets you create and manage eye-catching ads for other products, ads that pay better than AdSense.

Affmagic Worpdress Plugin

automates your whole ad display process:
• It selects relevant products to advertise, based on your niche
• It automatically pulls ads from Amazon, LinkShare and eBay
• It lets you choose a variety of ad sizes
• It’s as easy to use as AdSense

With Affmagic Worpdress Plugin, there are four easy steps to set up an ad campaign:
1. Install the plugin
2. Enter your affiliate information for Amazon, LinkShare or eBay (or all of them)
3. Enter your campaign parameters: keyword for the ad, ad size and which network (Amazon, LinkShare or eBay) to pull the ad from
4. Insert a code snippet or shortcode into your blog where you want the ad to appear.

You ads will be running in minutes, so all your visitors are exposed to them and, when they click, you are in line for an affiliate commission if they buy.

The price is reasonable (under $20 for a single site license), but rising. Go here now: Affmagic Worpdress Plugin

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