The Expert SEO Services team will build you any number of websites that they will guarantee will earn Adsense income. They have a sliding scale fee, depending on how many you want.. They offer complete turnkey service, including:
• They find a hungry niche to target, keywords to use and an exact match domain name you can buy for your site.
• They set up your (WordPress-based) site for this niche, on your own hosting (or, for $4.95/month, on theirs)
• They install premium plugins and optimize your site for SEO
• They insert your Adsense publisher id into the site and place Adsense content on the site so you will earn money from your visitors
• They include three articles on your blog written by native english speakers
• They create a unique WP theme for your site, making it different from all others, which should im[prove its resale value.
• They will send you targeted white-hat traffic from their extensive network of blogs, forums and news sites.

“”Your site will be making money within 30 days or your money will be refunded.”

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