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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Domain Monetization ’ Category

How a domain name change resulted in a $40 million turnover boost

The right domain name can make a big difference in a company’s earnings. This was shown by an Australian company recently. reports how Shaun McGowan was discontented with his company’s results. Their site,, was earning $60 Million, but McGowan thought more was possible. So he bought domain name in June. Since then, […]

Adsense Armageddon: Create authority sites for Adsense income #ad

Ryan Martin has a long track record of Google Adsense earnings. He lets Google place ads on his site and is paid a commission when someone clicks on one. Although other people are disparaging the earning potential of Adsense, he is turning a profit with it. Now, Martin has released Adsense Armageddon to show us […]

Adsense Micro Niche Sites done for you with guaranteed earnings #ad

The Expert SEO Services team has re-opened their service of building Adsense websites for marketers. They are building Adsense Micro Niche Sites that are robust (not a bare-bones site) and they guarantee that your site will earn money for you. The sites they build for you come with: • Carefully chosen keyword used by people […]

Adsense Gold Rush: How to increase your Adsense earnings #ad

Popular sites can earn big commissions by placing Adsense on the site., for example, earns hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. You and I can only dream of those kind of rewards, perhaps, but we can grow our earnings if we use the right techniques for our Adsense ads. Adsense Gold Rush shows you […]

Adsense Gold Rush: How to create targeted, profitable Adsense campaigns #ad

There is still money to be made in Adsense. What you have tried in the past may not have been effective, but with a few tweaks, you can probably do better. Adsense Gold Rush is a step-by-step guide that shows you new sources of traffic for your Adsense ads. And it shows you how to […]

“Adsense Annihiliator”: monetized blogs built for you #ad

You can get WordPress sites built for you that will earn money for you with Adsense. This team researches keywords to target, then builds a WordPress site for these keywords. Once the site is built, this new service gives you updated content for your site and sends traffic to your site at no additional charge […]

Inside Adsense: Adsense isn’t dead; you just need to use a new approach #ad

Sarah Staar has just released her Inside Adsense training, which takes a novel approach to Adsense marketing. Staar says the historic approach (build cheap, spammy sites and place AdSense ads on them) is indeed dead, but Adsense can be profitable if you approach it differently. With her approach, Staar says she is “generating thousands upon […]

“WP Ad Burn” eliminates “banner blindness” #ad

Mark Thompson just released WP Ad Burn, a new advertising paradigm to improve the effectiveness of your website ads. Today’s blase consumers have had so much exposure to banner ads that they generally ignore them. These ads are a part of the “wallpaper” of their world, rarely focused on. Now with WP Ad Burn, your […]

WP Ad Generator: creates effective WordPress Banners at the touch of a button #ad

Overcoming ad blindness is no small matter. People are tired of ads and often ignore them. New approaches to ad formats may help break through their she’ll. MAO Flynn has created WP Ad Generator to do just that. Instead of “pretty” banner ads, this new software creates banners with notable text displays. They blend in […]

Guaranteed Adsense income with done-for-you autopilot sites #ad

The Expert SEO Services team will build you any number of websites that they will guarantee will earn Adsense income. They have a sliding scale fee, depending on how many you want.. They offer complete turnkey service, including: • They find a hungry niche to target, keywords to use and an exact match domain name […]