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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Archive for the 'Facebook Advertisements' Category

‘Four recent improvements to the Facebook ad platform’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Jeff Rajeck says, “Do you advertise on Facebook? Or plan to?  If so, then you should know that there have been some big changes lately.To help you navigate these, here are 4 recent improvements which will help you advertise on Facebook more effectively.Facebook is changing how brands deliver content on the platform. Unpaid, or ‘organic’, reach has declined dramatically and Facebook has made it clear that this trend will continue.  This is bad news for companies who have built their business on reaching customers on Facebook at no cost.But for those who are willing to pay, Facebook... [...]

‘Forrester Advises Advertisers To Abandon Facebook Because It Is Biased Against Them’ – Business Insider

Lara O’Reilly says, “Forrester, the respected market research company, has a history of releasing reports that cast Facebook in a bad light in the eyes of advertisers. Last year it suggested Facebook was “failing marketers” by “abandoning” its promise of social marketing. Now Forrester is truly hitting Facebook where it hurts: it is advising advertisers to stop using Facebook if they want to build social relationships with their customers.The release of the “Social Relationship Strategies That Work” report follows Facebook’s announcement on... [...]

‘24% of Facebook ads are for counterfeit goods, study finds’ – ‘Mashable’

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai says, “Think twice before buying those shiny — yet extremely cheap — Ray Ban glasses advertised on Facebook. There’s a good chance they’re fake.At least, that’s the conclusion of a new study by two cybersecurity researchers who studied more than a thousand Facebook ads and found that almost a quarter of them are for counterfeit items such as Ray Bay sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bags, and Ralph Lauren polo shirts.At first sight, the ads look legitimate and lead to websites that look like real ones, the researchers warned, potentially tricking... [...]

Optin Gate: Create optin forms, squeeze pages, pop-ups, more #ad

If you want an enduring online business, you need to build a mailing list. To do that, you need get convince people to opt in to your list.At 10 AM EDT, Marius Price & Alex Costan release their new WordPress plugin, Optin Gate to make it easier to get opt-ins.This new plugin will help build your list in ways that were once impossible:• It comes with never-seen-before beautiful optin forms that are hard to ignore.• It comes with a live editor so you can design a guru-style optin without touching a single line of code.• It comes with split-testing so you can track with version of your... [...]

WP Scarcity: Boost Conversions with simple tools #ad

Andy Brocklehurst has a new WordPress plugin called WP Scarcity Plus. He reports that it can significantly increase your sales and opt-ins.This new plugin lets you to grow your business, and it helps you sell more.Whatever you’re selling (e-books, courses, services…etc), with WP Scarcity Plus, you can create “smart” countdown timers to generate a sense of urgency for your visitors.Urgency tends to boost your sales because people who want to think over their decision are confronted with a deadline. They can’t put off their decision, so often they decide favorably.And it’s... [...]

‘Facebook Ad Controls Get Big Upgrade With Ad Set Targeting & Bidding’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Greg Finn says, “One of the goofiest elements to Facebook advertising has finally been extinguished. A new campaign structure update that impacts all Facebook ad campaigns gives thenewer “ad sets” the ability to feature targeting, placements and bidding.Earlier this year, Facebook announced the new “ad set” groupings which ended up disappointing due to its lack of flexibility. While advertisers could group ads, the targeting and bidding controls still lived at the ad level, not the set level. This meant that anytime an advertiser wanted to change targeting or bidding for a group... [...]

‘Facebook Opens Up Mobile Ad Network to All Advertisers’ – ‘Mashable’

Seth Fiegerman says, “Facebook‘s mobile ad business is about to get another boost.The social network announced Tuesday that its mobile ad platform, called Audience Network, is now open to all marketers and mobile developers.SEE ALSO: Ello’s Creator Knows His Social Network Sounds StupidAudience Network, which was first announced in April, allows businesses to use Facebook’s ad targeting tools to better serve ads on mobile applications not named Facebook. In one example offered by the social network, Shazam used Audience Network to sell native ads in its own app, including... [...]

‘Facebook Ads Will Follow You Around. Starting Now’ – ‘Mashable’

Todd Wasserman says, “Good news for advertisers, but maybe not-so-great news for users concerned about their personal data: Starting Monday, Facebook will use data it gleans from users for its new ad network, Atlas, which it will serve up ads on non-Facebook sites based on what Facebook knows about you.Atlas is a former Microsoft property that Facebook bought last year for around $100 millionthat Facebook has now rebuilt from the ground up. Atlas is distinct from Audience Network, a mobile ad network Facebook introduced in April that was aimed at app developers”.Facebook Ads Will Follow... [...]

‘Facebook’s Ad Network Challenge To Google Coming Next Week’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Greg Sterling says, “According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will roll out its web-wide, cross-platform ad network challenge to the Google Display Network next week.We initially wrote about this last month. Based on the company’s Atlas acquisition from Microsoft, “it promises to help marketers understand which Facebook users have seen, interacted with or acted upon ads that appear both on Facebook’s services and on third-party websites and apps.”The new network will also be a “demand side platform” permitting dynamic bidding for impressions on third party sites. Given... [...]

‘Four secrets of successful global social media brand campaigns’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Tamara Littleton says, “Scaling a successful social media brand campaign to reach (and be relevant to) millions of people across the world is no mean feat.A truly international campaign will be relevant across different countries, cultures, languages and timezones.The campaign might have a great creative idea at its heart, but the structure, process, management and team behind the implementation of that idea are what will define its success”.Four secrets of successful global social media brand campaigns‘Econsultancy’ Blog [...]