Matt Bacak released Facebook Fortune Formula a few days ago, intending to hold it open only a few days. But he is holding it over, giving you one last chance to take advantage of this fresh, powerful training.

You have heard many trainers and teachers extol the value of Facebook in your business. Bacak is taking that principle and giving you action-oriented implementation guidance that will help you take advantage of the unique opportunities that Facebook presents.

Bacak shows you:
• How to set up tracking so you will know what is actually working for you
• How to write ads and place them on Facebook for the best payoff
• How to get your messages seen in the news feeds of your friends (seen by their friends)
• How to set a budget and manage it so you keep wasted expense to a minimum.

And that’s just the beginning. Bacak shares lots more helpful tips for marketing on Facebook.

Bacak could pull the plug on this training at any time. He had originally planned to close it a couple of days ago. Don’t wait. Check it out here: Facebook Fortune Formula.

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