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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Archive for the 'Internet Advertising Tips' Category

Ad Secrets From Big Brands That You Can Copy to Sell More [Video]

NP Digital has published a new video ‘Ad Secrets From Big Brands That You Can Copy to Sell More’ featuring Neil Patel, Brooke Weller and Chris Moreno. Watch the video here.  [...]

Utilizing Google Ads Promotion Extensions

The Google Ads promotion extensions are designed to promote special sale events. By rightly using them, you can grow your online sales. Search Engine Journal’s Pauline Jakober has published an article highlighting some useful tips to help you make the most of Google Ads promotion extensions. She says, ” Promotion extensions have some real advantages over merely updating ad headlines and body copy with promotional content. They Give You More Real Estate on SERPs When you add a promotion extension to an ad, you gain a little bit of extra real estate at the bottom of your ad. It is little.... [...]

Error Handling, Retry, and Timeouts in Google Ads API, June 3 [Webinar]

Google Ads team is hosting a webinar ‘Error Handling, Retry, and Timeouts in Google Ads API’ on Thursday, June 3, 2021, at 10.00 am EST. Andrew Burke says, “The webinar will cover the topics below and include code walkthroughs to demonstrate how to perform different actions with the Google Ads API client libraries. We will also host a Q&A at the end with members of the Google Ads Developer Relations and Engineering teams. Types of errors returned by the Google Ads API Catching and deciphering Google Ads API errors Identifying failed operations using partial failure mode Setting... [...]

Acquiring More Customers with Ad Retargeting

Many times retargeting and remarketing are used interchangeably. Retargeting works by involving the placement of a pixel (a JavaScript code) on your website or landing page. Microsoft Advertising’s Stephanie Worley has published an article highlighting some useful strategies to get more customers with ad retargeting. She says, “Most likely, your small business has created a marketing funnel that’s built to drive brand awareness and increase conversions. Retargeting can benefit your small business in several ways: Builds brand recognition: The method of retargeting encourages previous... [...]

Google Ads Smart Matching “Bug” & Digital Marketing News [PODCAST]

Search Engine Journal has published a new podcast episode ‘Google Ads Smart Matching “Bug” & Digital Marketing News’ featuring Greg Finn, Jess Budde & Mark Saltarelli. This podcast covers the following: Google Ads Tests Smart Matching Billion Ads Blocked, Says Google’s Ads Safety Report Take of the Week ICYMI Lightning Round. Google Ads Smart Matching “Bug” & Digital Marketing News Search Engine Journal  [...]

Microsoft Shares Ethical Advertising Principles

MJ DePalma of Microsoft Advertising has shared an article highlighting ethical advertising principles and 9 steps to build trust. DePalma says, “Ethics are a set of moral principles that govern a person’s or organization’s behavior, or the conducting of an activity. Ethical advertising is about truth, fairness, and equity in messaging and consumer experience. An ethical advertisement is honest, accurate, and strives for human dignity. It also considers the advertising environments that are chosen for placement, and it examines potential for data bias in analytics. Based on the latest Edelman... [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads [Guide]

IMPACT has published ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads: How to Create Revenue-Generating Google Ads‘.  It is authored by Dan Baum, Paid Media Specialist, IMPACT and Jason Linde, Paid Media Specialist, IMPACT. This guide answers the following questions: What the heck are Google Ads? Is that different from PPC? Are Google Ads right for my business? What are the different types of Google Ads available to me? What are the rookie mistakes everyone makes, and how do I avoid them? How do I make the most of my Google Ads budget? How do we generate a lot of revenue from our Google Ads campaigns? The... [...]

Google Announces New Real-time Bidding Experiments

The Google Ads team has announced the launch of new real-time bidding experiments for the advertisers. Google is launching experiments that are intended to provide bidders with an opportunity to test and provide collaborative feedback on ads-privacy proposals. The Google Ads blog team says, “We strongly encourage interested bidders to sign up and participate! Three new experiments made available today are described below. Experiment #1: TURTLEDOVE simulation The RTB protocols and infrastructure have been updated to enable a server-side simulation of Chrome’s TURTLEDOVE proposal, as described... [...]

SEJ Highlights 10 Common Mistakes In Google Ads

Search Engine Journal contributor Susan Wenograd has highlighted 10 common mistakes in Google ads. She says, “In no particular order, here are the top 10 most common mistakes found repeatedly in Google Ad accounts. 1. Outdated Conversions Once upon a time, you would place a Google Ads conversion tag on the conversion page, and that was that. It fed in pixel fires from that page. Such a simplistic measurement also meant a lot less room for error. Nowadays, advertisers use conversion tags on any number of pages, import conversions from CRMs like Salesforce, use call tracking, and import conversion... [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Google Unpaid Shopping Listings

Merkle contributor Melissa Reilly has published a comprehensive article on Google’s unpaid shopping listings. She says, “Back in late April, Google announced the roll out of free traffic on its Shopping tab to help merchants better connect with consumers. The pandemic was in its earlier stages in the US and many small businesses were struggling after closing their doors to foot traffic. While targeted at small businesses that don’t have large enough advertising budgets to compete on paid listings, the free listings were made available to anyone with a feed in the Merchant Center,... [...]