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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Archive for the 'Facebook Advertisements' Category

‘Nine best practice tips for Facebook advertising’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Jeff Rajeck says, “Marketing advice is often specific to a particular campaign, and difficult to apply generally.Here’s a list of things that all marketers can do to improve theirFacebook advertising.I love reading digital marketing success stories. They are great for getting to know what others in our industry are doing and for learning about the various platforms and how well they perform.But, I often find it difficult to use other peoples’ tactics with my own campaigns. Their use cases, target markets, and goals are typically quite industry specific and hard to translate to... [...]

‘Facebook Raises Limits For Daily Frequency Of News Feed Ads’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Martin Beck says, “Facebook has adjusted its advertising policy to allow marketers to show ads more frequently in the News Feed, Digiday reported today.The change, which went into effect Aug. 6, allows advertisers to show users the same ad twice a day; previously, the daily limit was one. Similarly, brands now are permitted to serve two News Feed ads daily — up from one — to users who haven’t liked their Facebook Page. Left unchanged: the daily limit of four News Feed ads that can be shown to people who have liked a Page”.Facebook Raises Limits For Daily Frequency Of News Feed... [...]

‘Facebook Lets Advertisers See Which Ad on Which Device Led You to Buy’ – ‘Mashable’

Todd Wasserman says, “If you see a Facebook ad on your phone for a shirt and then bought that shirt 18 hours later on your desktop, should the mobile ad get the credit?Facebook believes it should — and is rolling out “cross-device reporting” on Wednesday to make that case to advertisers. The new feature lets advertisers see where a consumer saw an ad, the device they used and then the device they used when they “converted” or bought the product.The tracking is made possible via a small snippet of code called a “conversion pixel.” Advertisers who want... [...]

‘16 Creepiest Targeted Facebook Ads’ – ‘Mashable’

Sylvan Lane says, “Nope, you aren’t the only person who’s been inundated with oddly specific Facebook ads.Whether they’re for T-shirts and hoodies touting the dominance of those who share your last name, or products for a private health issue, it’s easy to find ads that know as much about you as your friends and family do. As uncomfortable as this might be, it’s a byproduct of data mining and tracking cookies, both of which provide ad companies with ample information to post relevant pitches.When a business creates a Facebook ad, it’s given several options... [...]

‘Facebook advertising seasonality: what’s the story?’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Jon Myers says, “With all media we see seasonal shifts in effectiveness, which is why it’s important for advertisers to be aware of seasonality across media and optimise around it. As newer advertising platforms like Facebook develop and evolve we start to get a sense of some of the seasonal factors at play.As such, we thought we’d dig into seasonality on the platform, and here’s what we found”.Facebook advertising seasonality: what’s the story?‘Econsultancy’ Blog [...]

‘A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Better Facebook Ads’ – HubSpot

Lindsay Kolowich says, “Don’t think you have an audience on Facebook? Facebook has 1.3 billion users of pretty much every age, job title, hobby, and socioeconomic status. Most brands can develop an audience on Facebook — they just need to figure out who their audience is and how to reach them.And with the decline in organic reach, more and more companies are using Facebook advertising to do just that. To help marketers make the most of their Facebook ads,SurePayroll and Ghergich & Co. put together the following infographic. It’ll teach you how to:Target Facebook... [...]

Traffic Genesis: Lots of traffic, No payment, No interest for 6 months #ad

You know you need traffic. By now, you have seen plenty of evidence that the Traffic Genesis team knows how to get it for you. What’s the remaining barrier to your purchase? Maybe, it’s the cost.Traffic Genesis isn’t cheap, but with the loads of extra traffic a site can get when you apply its tools and techniques, the extra sales can pay for your copy.The team has worked a deal with PayMeLater so that you can delay paying for 6 months, without any interest fee.This means that you can get it today, use it for 6 months. Only then do you pay anything for it.The bonuses are outstanding.... [...]

Traffic Genesis goes live today. Facebook traffic generation at its best #ad

If you have enjoyed the free samples of the traffic wisdom of Mike Filsaime,Andy Jenkins and Laura Betterly, in the three free training videos they have shared, you will be interested in getting the details of their complete Traffic Genesis program.There were a lot of insights into marketing on Facebook in the three training videos; plenty of tips to help you begin using Facebook advertising. But if you want to be more than a “beginner”– if you want to master the art of advertising– they have a lot more to share with you in the full Traffic Genesis program.Watch the final... [...]

‘A guide to the new power of Facebook advertising’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

The latest ‘Econsultancy’ blog post is titled “A guide to the new power of Facebook advertising”.Ben Davis says, “A friend of mine with a new app-fronted business was recently waxing lyrical about Facebook advertising.He told me it was great value for money when targeting users with a call-to-action to download his app, especially when users are in a specific location on their mobiles.I’ve also heard lots of people talking about the power of targeting audiences on Facebook, either from a standing start or by uploading your own data and spreading out from... [...]

‘When can Facebook advertising challenge Google?’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

The latest ‘Econsultancy’ blog post is titled “When can Facebook advertising challenge Google?”.Edwyn Raine says, “As Google approaches its 16th birthday, it is virtually impossible to question its value to online businesses.  Over the last decade, companies from almost every sector have used the search giant to grow and reach customers that were previously inaccessible.But with costs and competition rising, when can we look to Facebook as a real alternative?I thought it would share some of my experiences to help invest your budget in the most effective way”.When... [...]