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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Get 60 High Quality, Spin-Ready Articles For Only 45 Cents Each #ad

Two Professional writers, Steve Bagasao and his wife, prepared these 60 articles for their planned article service, but due to a major life event, have decided that their service do longer is feasible.As a result, they decided to sell these 60 articles as a WSO. The articles are all ready to run through a spinning process so that the synonyms embedded in the articles can be mixed and matched and thousands of unique articles created. You can use a free software tool to do the spinning.These articles are on a variery of topics, including gardening, career planning, internet marketing and dozens... [...]

Drive Traffic to Any Sites of Your Choice with “Mass Income Multiplier” #ad

The Mass Income Multiplier (MIM) is a sophisticated social network wizard that you can master in five minutes or less. It allows you to create and launch monetized web pages over and over again.MIM is not the same as other social media products. It is a network of member sites that are made with the MIM software. Each site provides backlinks to some of the other sites. These backlinks are strategic links that improve your search engine profileWhen you build your page, you choose the look and feel from a range of templates supplied, and you add your affiliate information for Amazon, Clickbank... [...]

How to create a good business by building Google+ accounts for local businesses #ad

Local businesses know they need Google to love them. You may have built Google Places listings for them (if you haven’t already, do offer this service to your clients), but you can offer them more. A Google+ account offers local advantages beyond what they already have.Google+ is growing. Local business owners probably have heard something about it, but haven’t known what to do to get on board. You are an expert who can help them create their own Google+ account, at least you will be after you discover the G+ Offline GetDown Boogie.Google+ Offline GetDown Boogie  [...]

CPA Profit Empire, a new way to earn with CPA Networks #ad

Promoting CPA offers can be a profitable business. But, like any internet business, the key is targeted traffic. CPA Profit Empire connects you with effective traffic sources that provides you with leads for your CPA offers.CPA Profit Empire eliminates extra associated CPA Marketing costs by providing a consistent platform that produces desired results that guarantee an ROI. Again, CPA Profit Empire is more like a traffic source that actually delivers for CPA Marketers. In addition, the system automatically rotates and geo-targets the submitted offer links across several traffic sources to help... [...]

Dan Brock Announces his new “Viral Traffic Optimizer” #ad

Viral Traffic Optimizer does two important things that build your traffic: it shares your site links across the web and it builds loyal subscribers when people actually come to your site.There are three tools that let you add opt-in opportunities in and around your content.There are tools to encourage your visitors to share your site with their friends on a dozen social platforms.There is a built-in split-test facility so you can mix and match different tools and links to see which combination works best in your market.There is a “bribe” option so you can reward your visitors who... [...]

Just Announced, “KSuggest” Keyword Research Tool, gets thousands of keywords in minutes with just one click. #ad

Keywords for your niche are your lifeblood. You need to know what people are searching for, so you can target those searches with your products. The new kSuggest research tool gives you the data you need. Just enter your root keyword and step back and watch while it generates long-tail keywords.His live demo shows him generating 188 long-tail keywords in one minute and 29 secondsFinding keywords related to your niche couldn’t be easier, and his price is amazing, as you will see here. [...]

Get Professional videos for your Amazon affiliate store #ad

Nick Amaral has created a package of 40 product videos for kitchen appliances, high-quality videos you will be proud to have on your site.The topic is kitchen appliances and he has selected from best-sellers with high commissions. He has shown us a sample video When you think of the hours it would take you to create videos fo this quality yourself, this offer is a bargain. Check it out here. [...]

More great Amazon product videos for your affiliate sites. These are on yard tools, chain saws, mowers, etc. #ad

Spring is coming, and people are thinking about how they will improve their lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs. They need tools and will soon start combing the web, looking for the best tools to buy. Every year, the US spends $50 Billion on their outside lawn and garden.Videos are the superior way to introduce a product to a potential customer. You can show while you tell. These 50 videos can persuade skeptical buyers to take action.Along with these videos, Michael has researched the keywords people use to find the equipment they need. And he has researched the most profitable Amazon products in... [...]

Lisa Stoops creates and sells PLR for a living. She wants to show you how you can, too. #ad

Building and selling PLR is kind of a stealth business. Not a lot of fanfare, but it can bring in a consistent, steady income. Webmasters and marketers around the world constantly and desparately need content. You can be the one to supply it.Lisa’s new training includes:How to choose your topicsHow to choose your formatHow to quickly create contentHow to price for a profitHow to put your business systems in place: autoresponders, shopping carts, websites, etcIf being a PLR guru like Lisa interests you, let her exlain it all here. [...]

Just released: The Pandora WP Theme, with developer’s license, for all kinds of marketers #ad

Agung Prabowo and Tantan Hilyatana have had successful products before, but the Pandora WP Theme is their best yet. It has numerous features usually found on themes costing much more:Optimized for mobile as well as PCBuilt-in Map support for local businessesEasy customization from the control panelOptimized to be fast-loadingBuilt-in count-down clock to increase salesSupport for product reviews and ratings with built-in star ratingsThe sales page shows many samples and features. Agung and Tantan are proud of their new theme. Let them show you why here. [...]