We have all heard of EzineArticles.com and other article directories which allow people to contribute articles that are made available for re-use by webmasters and newsletter publishers. You can now have a similar article directory on your WordPress site.

WordPress Article Directory let’s you set up an article directory of your own that can have several benefits for your site:
• People searching for your topic will find user-contributed articles on your site and be drawn to visit your site
• People writing articles in your niche will be interested in visiting your site, loading their article and poking around for clues about what the competition is doing. This will help your “bounce rate.”
• Other webmasters in your niche will use articles you host, and will link back to your site, which will improve your search engine positioning.

The new release of WordPress Article Directory makes this easy. (It’s version 6, so it’s been under continual improvement for some time.)

But that’s not all WordPress Article Directory does. A very public-facing site, like an article directory, faces the risk that visitors will make inappropriate changes to the site if the setting allow them to, so this new plugin also checks your security settings and advises you of changes that need to be made. If you decide to follow its recommendations, it will make the changes for you, improving your site security dramatically.

Its security feature are effective against many types of malicious visitor behavior and other problematic activities:
+ It allows PHP Code to Execute Only In your Admin Pages
+ It blocks Malicious URL String Attacks
+ It Optimizes Your DataBase Every 24 Hours
+ As a security measure it removes WP Version information from the header
+ It saves your DB & Host Concerns by Turning Off Auto Post Revisions and Post Draft Saves
+ It allows only the Admin access to important backend pages
+ It removes the Admin Bar and helper function for non-Admin users
+ Plus Several Other Helpful Options

And it is flexible. Options can be toggled On or Off at your convenience

You can get you own copy of this new plugin here: WordPress Article Directory