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Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Posts Tagged With ‘ WordPress security ’

How to make your site invisible to hackers #ad

Your WordPress site may be a “sitting duck”, that poachers are ready to steal. The default settings for WordPress don’t fully protect you from hackers or from their botnet tools that are roaming the net looking for unprotected sites. Based on the principle that if a hacker can’t find your sensitive system files, then they […]

WordPress Bullet Proof Security Suite; lock down your site #ad

Darren Thompson had a problem. He noticed a large increase in traffic, but no corresponding increase in affiliate sales. As he recounts the story, “I emailed my Affiliate Account Manager and asked him if he could check their logs to see if there was a spike in sales for another account that was originating from […]

WP Lock Up II: Protect your WordPress site from hackers #ad

Virtually every website on the web has been attacked or soon will be. When it happens, your life is turned upside down for weeks while you try to recover your’s site’s integrity. If your site is based on WordPress, there’s now a protective measure you can try. Sherman Fredericksen has created a plugin called WP […]

WP Secure Pro: How to keep hackers out of your site #ads

WordPress blogs have 7 potential vulnerabilities t0 hackers that need to be plugged for the health of the blog and the security of its visitors. WP Secure Pro shows you how to disarm these potential security traps. Carelessness by the blog owner or a lack of awareness of the danger can leave most of the […]

Super Footer Bar plugin can get traffic and increase sales #ad

Jeff Bode has released a new WordPress plugin that creates an impressive flexible footer for calling attention to ads. The bane of marketers is banner blindness. People don’t notice and, as a result, don’t click or buy. Bode’s Super Footer Bar corrects this problem. This footer bar is always at the bottom of the page, […]

WSO Blowout Sale: Nine WordPress plugins for Marketing Sites #ad

If your site is for making money, you need four fundamental facets: 1. Search Engine Optimization- so you site gets found 2. List building- so you can cultivate customers 3. Monetization- so you bring in income 4. Security- so no one hacks your site to steal your earnings Mao Flynn has bundled into one economical […]

Secure Your WP – Step by Step WordPress Security #ad

The normal WordPress installation process is easy but it doesn’t create an environment secure from hackers. For example, your blog has a user called “admin” that has control over the operation of the blog. But so does every other blog using the default installation process. And hackers know that. If they can get control of […]