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Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Ads ’ Category

Mark Sandquist’s latest product, Easy OTO Machine, can help improve your bottom line without additional traffic #ad

With this new Easy OTO Machine software you can easily create a One-Time Offer (OTO) that you can offer when people: Optin to your website or blog Login to your site or Exit your site With this software, your easy OTO pages can include PayPal buttons, graphics and text; whatever will make your visitors buy. […]

Sumo Minisite Design Course shows how you can build marketing websites without hiring any tech people #ad

This set of 10 videos shows you, from beginning to end, how to get your site up and running yourself; no programmers required. You don’t need Photoshop to build these attractive sites, either. Use free tools like Kompozer and Sumo paint to build your site. Get the whole story about Sumo Minisite Design Course here.

New SEO tool, Total Niche Takeover 2012 is available as a WSO #ad

Total Niche Takeover 2012 is a video course that specifically deals with building authority sites for Amazon affiliate sales, current SEO tactics and details of how to build your sites to cope with the latest Google update, “Search Plus Your World”. Simon says, “Experienced marketers might not learn something ground-breaking with every word. [Nevertheless, they […]

Tony Marriott’s “Monkey Graphics system…create graphics so easily a blind monkey can use it”#ad

Tony Marriott has created a package of training and resources to enable a non-designer to create professional marketing graphics. He includes video training plus resources detailing 100 free image sources and 3 free graphic applications. In this training, he bypasses all the complicated stuff and goes straight for the good stuff. Learn more about Monkey […]

Benjamin Jacques has released “Facebook Timeline Domination” System #ad

Facebook’s new timeline feature is causing a lot of buzz in the marketing community, offering both challenges and opportunities. In the timeline, marketers have a new marketing tool that most are not yet using to their advantage. Your timeline can brand you as a person who knows your business and can turn your friends into […]

How Google’s Leading Tool Cheats You Out of Profits #ad

In his new WSO, Chris Munch says there is a better way to find keywords that will attract paying customers than the Google Keyword Tool. Munch says, “Keyword tools, like the Google Keyword Tool, guarantee failure, mediocre success and competition when you use them like everyone else.” In his new “Keyword Reality Blueprint” WSO, Chris […]

JJ Alan announces New Reverse Squeeze Page technique to build eager visitors who “stick”. #ad

Visitors who are forced to opt-in before they are allowed to view a web site often give up and click away. They don’t know whether the site will offer them anything that is worth the perceived risk of sharing their contact information. But suppose you can let them view a limited amount of your content […]

Owen Lee announces “24 Hour Countdown to $5000”, a start up guide for new information marketers

Lee says this strategy has actually produced $8,000 for a new marketer in 24 hours. So it doesn’t require assets and skills new marketers don’t have. In fact, he says: You don’t need experience in internet marketing You don’t need a customer list You don’t need to spend money on advertising You don’t need to […]

George Katsoudas just released the “Cloak Track Pro” WP plugin to cloak and track your links #ad

George Katsoudas just released the “Cloak Track Pro” WP plugin to cloak and track your links Your blog or other WordPress site can be your sales engine using this plugin. You can choose a word or phrase that has sales potential and tell the plugin where you want it to link whenever it appears. The […]

Gaz Cooper reveals his secret for successful Amazon-related product sales #ad

Successful car dealers say they make their money when they buy a car, rather than when they sell it. If they buy it cheap enough they will surely make a profit. That’s the principle behind Gaz Cooper’s new training. Cooper is telling how he makes (and he says you can too) $5,000 part-time, buying and […]