A/B testing or split testing is the practice of comparing two variants of the same web page to different visitors at the same time ton find out which page drives more conversions.

Search Engine Journal contributor Brian Harnish has published a comprehensive article on performing A/B testing on your website.

Harnish says, “Most sites do not require A/B testing, especially smaller sites with smaller audiences.

You already know what’s the accepted best practice in your industry, and A/B testing will reveal tweaks you can make along these lines.

Large Site vs. Smaller Sites

If you have a larger site getting over 10,000 visitors/month, and has hundreds of pages, doing A/B testing can help you find out what will convert best among your user testing samples.

If you have an even larger site, A/B testing is a must.

Establishing a General Baseline

If your site has existed for any significant length of time, you want to establish a general baseline of your site’s traffic”.

A/B Testing Your Website: What, Why & How to Do A/B Testing

Search Engine Journal

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