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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Archive for the 'Website Monetization' Category

TubeSiphon: Builds sites to curate themed YouTube videos #ad

TubeSiphon is an SaaS app that creates 100% done-for-you training courses and membership sites using videos found on YouTube. These videos are licensed in a way that you can legally use them and monetize them for leads, sales, etc.Your site includes built-in (at no additional charge):► List building using built-in optimized landing page templates that are easy to customize► Monetization with strategically placed monetization elements throughout your site► Traffic generation through built-in social sharing► Hosting on the creator’s servers.You can build multiple sites, as many... [...]

Add Powerful One-Click Upsells to your Sales Pages #ad

One of the important marketing principles, used by all major marketers from automobile dealers to computer vendors to home builders to nearly any big business you can think of is what is called the upsell. Once you have committed to buying, you are offerred extra features, improved usability, a carrying case and more if only you would like to pay a little extra to get them.How often have you heard things like, “You are paying a lot for your car; wouldn’t you like to pay a little more to get the extended warranty.” Savvy marketers use these upsells because they work.Not everyone... [...]

NewsProfix Pro: Automated sites that sell #ad

Viral traffic, where your website visitors encourage other people to become visitors, is the best kind of traffic for two reasons:1. It costs you nothing.2. The invitation comes from a consumer, not a marketer, and typically the “recommender” is known by the ones invited, so they have high credibility, and that brings a high response to the invitation.NewsProfix Pro builds automated sites that are naturally enticing for visitors, containing news-related content, automatically added, along with visuals.Your viral traffic comes initially from 32 sources (automatically) and builds,... [...]

WP Auto Commissions: Monetize Any WordPress Site in 60 Seconds #ad

There are at least 17 different methods to earn from your site, and new software called WP Auto Commissions automates putting them to work.This brand new plugin offers 17 different ways you can earn money from your WordPress site.There are many affiliate opportunities available to monetize your site, such as Adsense, Amazon, Ebay, Envato, Walmart, BestBuy, Banner Ads, Inline Links, INFO Link Ads, Image ads and many others.You can insert ads for any or all of these in just a moment, using WP Auto Commissions.Once you install it and enter your affiliate credentials, you just select which types... [...]

Vidio Sniper: More traffic, more leads & more sales #ad

Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have partnered to create a new automated solution for website traffic using viral videos: Vidio Sniper PRO.Beginning at 10:00 AM EDT, you are invited to use this software to bring 100% free targeted traffic to your sites.The software has been designed to be usable by anyone. It only requires 3 simple steps.Step 1 – Choose any video: It could be from YouTube, but any MP4 file will do.Step 2 – Choose any product (or several products) you want to promote, affiliate products or your ownStep 3 – Add a line of code to any page or post where you want to promote the... [...]

Covert Context adds in-content ads to your WordPress site #ad

Over the past 2 years the IM Wealth Builders have released 12 powerful WordPress plugins and themes that help marketers present their products and services in the most favorable light possible.All of their products have cause a lot of buzz in the internet marketing world with over 55,000 copies being sold.Friday, the IM Wealth Builders team released their newest WordPress plugin, Covert ContextUsing this new plugin, your blogs can generate Amazon affiliate commissions on complete auto pilot. You set up the plugin so the ads make sense for your site (you select the keywords that will be turned... [...]

Covert Context: Covert ads embedded in your site content #ad

The IM Wealth BuildersMarketing team of Cindy Battye, Soren Jordansen, and John Merrick have just released another of their Covert products, this one called Covert Context.As with their earlier covert products, Covert Context is designed to place non-intrusive ads into your blog or website, “covert ads”, if you will.It automatically places links to Amazon products when it finds an appropriate keyword to turn into a link.Like most of their covert products, Covert Context is a WordPress plugin. It offers these capabilities: • You get a super easy “set & forget”... [...]

Experian’s ‘Driving Web traffic and ad sales through strategic content development‘ Webinar on Replay

Experian’s ‘Driving Web traffic and ad sales through strategic content development‘ webinar is on replay.The Experian team says, “In this webcast, learn how to use our insights for smarter content strategies from a case study with The Weather Channel. The premier provider of weather information used Experian Marketing Services for insight and analysis to:Optimize search and content across seasonal and immediate topical weather activityCreate new advertising sales opportunities and packages to grow revenueDuring this webcast Paul Hutton, Sr. Director of Digital Intelligence,... [...]

‘How to Lower Your Site’s Bounce Rate’ – ‘Mashable’

The latest post on ‘Mashable’ is titled “How to Lower Your Site’s Bounce Rate”.Elisha Hartwig says, “On the Internet, a high bounce rate is the kiss of death — and a sure sign that your website and marketing strategy need a major overhaul. In order to better understand and analyze the success of your marketing campaigns, there are a plethora of web analytics tools to measure everything from time spent on site to cost per engagement, and it’s easy to become paralyzed by the inundation of data. But bounce rate is one metric savvy marketers can’t afford to ignore,... [...]

Engagematic: Keep your visitors on your site longer #ad

People who come to your site and immediately click away are bad for your sales. Obviously, they don’t buy anything, but it’s worse than that. When Google sees that quick departure, its algorithm downgrades your site, so you drift lower in the search results and as a result, get fewer clicks in the future.So, for multiple reasons, you want people to stay longer on your site. Marc Renaud has created a new WordPress plugin that will help you increase your site’s “stickiness”, its ability to hold people’s attention and prolong their visit. He calls it Engagematic.... [...]