Jeremy Kennedy just announced Half-A-Brain Profit Machine. He chose the name to emphasize that you don’t have to be super smart to build a business online this way.

This video training outlines the process to create easy, “one problem one solution” information products that solve a person’s problem at a cost they are happy to pay.

Here’s how Kennedy describes what he is doing, “I started creating digital profit machines and the money came rolling in. Since then I’ve been teaching people just like you how to follow my success (for over 5 years now) bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit along the way.”

In Half-A-Brain Profit Machine everything has been organized in an exact step-by-step streamlined process so that even with zero experience, you can start immediately. Kennedy says you can be making a profit within 14 days.

It all focuses on the core processes that are the foundation of a successful online business.

Many of his trainees are beginners and some of them (not all) have earned over $4,171 in less than 2 weeks. And they did it with zero experience. You may earn more; you may earn less. There’s no guarantee you will earn anything by buying this training. But he does guarantee “If you’re not completely satisfied, let me know within 30 days and I’ll buy it right back from you.”

The training is provided in video format, along with a mind map and with step-by-step printable action plan.

In your action plan, you are getting a 2 week detailed daily check list. Kennedy says, “Do the steps for each day and you’ll be making money in just 14 days from today.”

He has tried to make Half-A-Brain Profit Machine so easy to follow that anyone can do it.

You will discover:
• How to pick the right niche for your Profit Machine
• How to set up your Profit Machine
• How to incorporate profit multipliers that have the potential to triple your revenue
• How to price your product so that it sells well
• How to do a lot more to assure your machine really profits.

It’s less than $10 to get this blueprint for a profitable online business. Get it here: Half-A-Brain Profit Machine.

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