Brett Ingram has a new piece of software that affiliate marketers will find helpful. It builds niche-oriented minisites for some of the most popular niches online, six pack abs, dog training and green living.

He calls it Minisite Empire.

Ingram’s new software builds genuine WordPress sites for these minisites. And you don’t have to install WordPress first. This new software automatically does that for you.

You are getting 3 websites, each with:
• A professional look and feel
• Pre-written posts
• Videos, photos and images loaded on the site
• A built-in list-building opt-in form that works with your autoresponder.

Each of these sites has been SEO optimized with a plugin. And you can customize the SEO as needed for your site.

Ingram is giving you an unlimited personal use license. You can create as many sites in each niche as you want.

As of this writing, all these sites are available for under $10 here: Minisite Empire.

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