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Monday, April 19, 2021

Archive for the 'Amazon Affiliate marketing' Category

Tubeloot Pro: Use YouTube videos to sell Amazon products #ad

Brett Ingram has been experimenting with combining the power of YouTube’s popularity with Amazon’s enormous range of products. Now, he says, he has found a way to tap into the 6 Billion hours of YouTube videos that people watch every month and the 200 Million Amazon products to create your own “set-it-and-forget-it” automated business that generates Amazon commissions. He has created software to automate this process that he calls Tubeloot Pro. It is a WordPress plugin that lets you link from any YouTube video to any product sales page (either Amazon product or any other... [...]

Amazon affiliate sites in 49 seconds? Really? (50% off) #ad

George Katsoudas first released Associate Goliath years ago. (We became aware in 2012.) But he seems to never be satisfied. Every year, he renovates and improves it. This weekend, he just released version 5.0, with many improvements. Many call Associate Goliath 5.0 the world’s most powerful and easiest-to-use WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. Through the years since version 1, Katsoudas has sold many thousands of copies to Amazon affiliates who wanted more commissions. And a lot of them have invested in each new upgrade when it becomes available. Version 5.0 is packed with even more... [...]

Deadbeat marketer conquers Amazon #ad

Dan Brock is an admitted goof-off, who would rather sleep or play on his PS4 than work on his business. Even so, his is making big bucks as an Amazon affiliate. He estimates that anyone can make upwards of $937 every month just by copying the steps he uses. Every time you repeat the process, you earn more. He lays out this process in Deadbeat Super Affiliate. Brock creates simple Amazon affiliate sites, and lets them run mostly on autopilot. Each one brings in regular affiliate commissions. He just repeats the process, and gets his income growing faster and faster. And he has been doing this for... [...]

Fresh Store Builder, V 6, Today only #ad

The latest version of what is arguably the best system for building Amazon affiliate stores has been updated to version 6, and today only, you can get introductory pricing. Fresh Store Builder V. 6 makes building and maintaining an Amazon store simple, because it automates so much of the work and because of its look and feel that make it easy for your customers to shop in your store. Here are some of the things that make it so great: • A High Impact Header makes your store look inviting • Custom Background Images customize your store’s look • Moveable Sidebar (Left or Right)... [...]

Make Amazon Your Personal Dropship fulfillment house #ad

When it comes to e-Commerce, Amazon rules. Imagine though, making your Amazon affiliate store more effective by using Amazon as your drop shipper. Suppose your sales pages are attractive, up-to-date and convenient to use for research and purchase. Wouldn’t that improve your sales? With AzonAuthority, you can build top level, eye catching product pages like the big retailers without all the headaches. By harnessing all the best, proven, high-conversion tactics used by the pros you can have an online store that people enjoy using. Here’s just a fraction of what AzonAuthority can do: • It... [...]

AzonAuthority software builds powerful Amazon stores #ad

Sean Donahoe has a new product coming out this morning. AzonAuthority was created to help you build highly-profitable real businesses selling physical products by leveraging the market power of Amazon in a true e-commerce environment. With AzonAuthority, you turn Amazon into your personal drop-shipping and payment handling system while creating a high-powered, authority store. At the heart of AzonAuthority is a proprietary SmartCart Engine that integrates with Amazon’s systems to make sure you sell most effectively. Donahoe says that unlike other Amazon affiliate stores, search engines treat... [...]

How to cash in on Amazon & Facebook (hint: use Zapable) #ad

Amazon did over $74 Billion in revenues in 2014. And they are still growing. In December, over 60% of Amazon’s sales were made from mobile devices. Affiliates who ride this wave can grow with them. So savvy affiliates will take advantage of this massive and growing opportunity. Andrew Fox and his brother Chris Fox have created a series of videos they are sharing with marketers who want to get their share of this Amazon opportunity (and other opportunities, too; see below). The latest one is How to cash in on Amazon & Facebook with Zapable. Besides Amazon stores, you can build: • Local... [...]

“WP Dollar” is back; Amazon affiliate sites on autopilot #ad

Martin Crumlish just released WP Dollar 3.0. The first two versions were run-away best sellers among marketers operating Amazon affiliate sites. WP Dollar 3.0 is a plugin that you can use with any WordPress theme to build and manage your affiliate stores. It creates full stores on autopilot. Version 3 is a big advancement from the earlier version, and it comes with a developer’s license included, so you can build as affiliate stores in as many niches as you like. You can even go into business building sites for other marketers. For example, for the first time, in version 3, you can build mobile... [...]

Amazon Physical Product Sales: successful affiliate shows how #ad

If you want to get into affiliate marketing, Amazon makes it easy. By giving you a lot of support. With their hundreds of thousands of products, you could build a wide range of niche product sites without ever advertising the same product twice. There’s potential profit for Amazon affiliates, but what do you have to do get a share of that profit? That’s what Paul Nicholls wanted to know when he first became an Amazon affiliate. Now, after years of experimentation, Nicholls is a successful Amazon affiliate, selling physical goods that meet the needs of the niches he serves. Nicholls has put... [...]

HomeClone builds your online home furnishings store #ad

You can build an online store that gets some of the billions of dollars people spend on home furnishings. Every modernized country around the world buys a lot of furniture from online stores. In less than an hour, you can use HomeClone to build your own online store so you can participate in this online e-commerce. And because the store built by this new software is an affiliate store for Amazon, you don’t have to stock any products or deliver purchases to your customers. Amazon does all the hard work. You just attract shoppers to your affiliate store and when they buy, you collect a commission. Each... [...]