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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Archive for the 'Affiliate Marketing Software' Category

AffiliateMatic: odd affiliate software powered by people #ad

George Katsoudas has just released a piece of unusual website development software: AffiliateMatic. It’s powered by people, like this: 1) Experts create high-quality content. 2) You click a button to post the content on your site. 3) As a result of the enhanced content on your site, the search engines give you more love and you get more traffic and sales. Katsoudas is launching this new tool This is a 5-day launch: From Friday, June 10, 11:00 EDT – until Wednesday, June 15, 23:59 EDT, so you don’t have long to decide if it will help you. Watch the demo video on this page to see... [...]

MinuteStock puts other ‘Done-For-You’ systems to shame #ad

  MinuteStock gives you 8 content packed product funnels live in under 1 minute. This may seem incredible, for a low one-time investment, you receive ownership of 8 complete JVZoo product funnels, each filled with products for you to sell, products priced at$9.97, $27, $47, and $67, front end offers and upsells. You just plug in your affiliate credentials, and it does the rest. And it’s all ready in under one minute (click here to check it out!) If you ever wanted to profit by selling high converting own digital products, this is essentially that. Essentially? Yes, you are selling affiliate... [...]

MinuteStock: Get 8 JVZoo products live in under 60 seconds #ad

Would you like to generate JVZoo affiliate sales without the complicated setup work? MinuteStock les websites that are automatically set up with your JVZoo affiliate ID built in and ready to go.. Cindy Donovan, the creator, says that in about one minute you can have eight membership websites up and running, complete with: ➤ Lead magnets ➤ Automated product sales and delivery systems ➤ Funnels for each site, including:   ✓ upsells,   ✓ downsells,   ✓ cross sells,   ✓ selling each other Your 8 sites are designed, hosted, and live in under 1 minute, earning you 100%... [...]

Resale Rights: Affiliate Reseller Bundle (2 apps, training, link magnet) #ad

Francis Ochocoi has just released Affiliate Reseller Bundle, a package of two marketing applications for affiliate marketers. More people than ever are looking to make money online. You can sell them this software that will make their job easier. You probably are aware that one of the most popular online methods for earning a living is affiliate marketing. This new bundle of products is aimed directly at these people who want to become affiliate marketers. This is a robust bundle that will get you started selling in the affiliate marketing niche. First, Ochoco is offering you two software products... [...]

Comparison Engine creates a clone of Google Shopping in minutes #ad

It seems that everybody has been shopping online since the start of COVID-19. Comparison Engine lets you profit from this trend. This opportunity is worth thinking about since online shopping is a $2 Billion market (and probably more in 2022.) With your own price comparison site, which earns you affiliate commissions, you have the beginnings of an affiliate marketing career that is mostly passive. With the new Comparison Engine software you can create your own price comparison site like Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, Yahoo Shopping, etc., and you can do it in just a few minutes. This new site builder... [...]

Amaze builds commission-ready online stores with free traffic #ad

You have probably heard that the easiest and quickest way for a beginner to build an income stream from an online business is, by far, to start earning commissions as an affiliate (someone who promotes products for a commission, products created by someone else and sold elsewhere). That’s because you can promote just about anything as an affiliate – crypto, Amazon products, eBay products, Clickbank products, WarriorPlus products, and many others – and never do support for buyers or create a product yourself. Some people have built large online businesses for themselves by doing nothing... [...]

Amaze software builds e-commerce stores #ad

Online shopping is a $586.9 Billion market and Amaze lets you participate in this online marketing opportunity in a big way. It builds an automated online store for you, one which is filled with quality content in whatever niche you choose, and it adds your affiliate links to the products you promote. Amaze creates these automated stores in your choice from categories: • physical products • information products • affiliate products. Each store it creates is ready for traffic and sales. (In the basic version, you can build 5 stores.) When you build a store, you just fill out the information... [...]

Groove: There’s still time to ask questions, last chance #ad

Our readers are invited to a last minute Q and A session on Groove Lifetime. It’s natural that you may have questions before you make such a major purchase that can change the course of your business. That’s why today, the last day Groove Lifetime will ever be offered, we want to make sure you get all your questions answered. So, Mike Filsaime and his staff will spend as much time as you need to answer all of your questions about Groove and the Lifetime Platinum membership. Remember, today is the very last day it will be offered. We don’t want you to miss out on it. So, please... [...]

Groove Lifetime: time’s running out, changing to monthly #ad

The Groove offer for lifetime platinum access for a single, one-time fee is coming to an end. The famous author H. Jackson Brown, Jr. once said: “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” He also said: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” Is this true for you? Let’s see: If you invest in a Groove Lifetime account by tomorrow, then 20 years from now you will have paid a total of $1997 for the tools you’ve needed to run your business. If you don’t upgrade, you will have paid $586,723.00... [...]

We started with the free version of Groove. How about you? #ad

If you attended Mike Filsaime‘s training yesterday, you probably remember there is a free version of Groove (with limited function). It’s free forever, but it doesn’t have the whole suite of 18 tools, only a few of them and with some of their capabilities turned off. That’s good as far as it goes but think of the things you can’t do without the other tools or can only do by paying for other (“pay by the month”) tools you get elsewhere. That works, but it has the potential to be very expensive over time. Because through 22 February, you can get lifetime... [...]