eCompare was released over the weekend by Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana and their team.

eCompare is a price comparison tool embedded in an affiliate store site. Your store lets you earn commissions from the top 7 affiliate networks in the world.

This software automatically builds an online affiliate store under your direction, a store that connects with 7 of the largest affiliate networks.

It’s a simple 3 step monetization process:

Step 1 – Setup simple eCompare store

Step 2 – Your visitors compare deals

Step 3 – You collect commissions for all their purchases.

eCompare is the first store builder that will build such a sophisticated store. You can now offer products from any of these 7 sites that you are an affiliate for:
■ Amazon
■ eBay
■ Walmart
■ AliExpress
■ BestBuy
■ Cdiscount

eCompare auto-populates your store with products from these top merchants. Your listings include:
• Listing content
• Images
• Reviews.

And the most important feature is that eCompare automatically searches all 7 merchants (or as many as you choose to be an affiliate for) and finds the best price available for each of your products so you will be offering your visitors the lowest price.

That low-price assurance matters to most online buyers. Think of how your sales will improve when you consistently give them the best prices they can find.

If you want to have profitable sites that help people compare prices and search for the best deal, check out this software here: eCompare

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