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Monday, April 19, 2021

Archive for the 'Amazon Affiliate marketing' Category

eCom Profit Machine starts you in eCommerce, the future of the internet #ad

Brett Ingram/b and Mo Latif have announced eCom Profit Machine. This is a software tool that makes Amazon the key to your business future success. You can use this software to create a professional, fully-functional eCommerce store that uses Amazon to take care of payments, order fulfillment, shipping and handling. Your store is complete with products, product images, product descriptions, product videos and real customer reviews. And the whole site can be ready to start selling today.because the system is easy, fast, and not technically challenging. Besides that, with eCom Profit Machine, it is... [...]

Open your eCommerce store today #ad

Brett Ingram/b and Mo Latif have just announced eCom Profit Machine. This is a tool to make Amazon the key to your business future. You can use this software to create a professional, fully-functional eCommerce store that takes care of payments, order fulfillment, shipping and handling. You store is complete with products, product images, product descriptions, product videos and real customer reviews. And the whole site can be ready to sell today.because the systen is easy, fast, and not technical. Besides that, with eCom Profit Machine, it is exciting and fun to start your own eCommerce business.... [...]

Azon Early Bird: Be the first to promote new products #ad

Here’s a new strategy for Amazon affiliates. If you get an early warning about what is going to be a hot product on Amazon, you can be the first to advertise that product. And that should give you an advantage in the search engines and in sales. How can you find out about products that have just been launched or are about to be launched to be launched? Gaz Cooper has just announced Azon Early Bird, training that ashows how to search Amazon’s database to find the up and coming products. Cooper makes his living as an Amazon affiliate, and realized how important the early start was to... [...]

How You Can Leverage Google to Tap into Amazon’s Bounty #ad

Some Amazon affiliates do quite well by specializing on a particular niche and offering a range of products specifically for that niche. The better your niche, the more they earn. Mo Miah and his team have created new software that will help you find niches that are designed to create a good income for you. It’s called: InstaNiche Pro. Your niche should be selected based on keywords that are frequently searched that have low competition from other marketers that target them. Miah’s new software finds keywords like that. And it classifies each keyword it finds as either low competition,... [...]

AutoZon v. 2: Most Modern Amazon Affiliate Store Builder #ad

Kurt Chrisler has released a new edition of his popular WordPress plugin AutoZon v. 2, that can build complete Amazon affiliate websites in under 60 seconds. When it builds your stores, it: • Finds Amazon products to promote • Creates a post for each product • Inserts the product features & description • Adds an image of the product • Inserts the product price • Add product reviews from Amazon • Inserts your Amazon affiliate link. This is store automation at its best. You tell it what kinds of products you want in your store, and it handles the process for... [...]

How to start an e-commerce business #ad

You are probably familiar with the term e-commerce, which refers to selling physical (or downloadable) products online, using an online store, a site that usually has many products for sale. This might be a book store, a kitchen gadget store, a tractor parts store, etc. There are many physical stores that have an associated online store, such as or, but the best-known e-commerce store is entirely online, Amazon has made it easy for beginning online marketers to start their own store by filling it with products from Amazon. You sell them, Amazon ships them and then... [...]

New Fresh Store Builder builds slick Amazon affiliate stores #ad

Carey Baird is just releasing the 7th generation of Fresh Store Builder. He has honed and improved this professional tool and has made it the best ever software for building Amazon affiliate stores. Baird reports that, with this new version, you can have your store up and running in 30 minutes. Besides all the other improvements, version 7 adds the ability to link your Pinterest account to your store. People see a graphic in Pinterest, click, and arrive at your store. In addition, in Fresh Store Builder v. 7, your stores are now: • Fully SEO optimized, • Designed to give you more chances... [...]

Getting started in an Online Business #sponsored

Someone who just lost a job may have heard that the Internet is an opportunity to earn living without going through a long retraining process that is often needed during a career change. If approached correctly, that’s true. The problem is that there are many “get rich quick” schemes and frauds that claim to show you how it’s done, but deliver nothing for all the time and money you many put into them. If you want to earn money online and to begin quickly, you need to create a legitimate business conducted on sound business principles and within ethical bounds. And it needs... [...]

Azon Review Hero: Better product reviews for more sales #ad

This product is no longer available. Until now, building review sites for Amazon products was a painfully slow process. First you need to find the right keywords and the you need to choose the right products to review for these keywords. OJ James has released a new WordPress plugin called Azon Review Hero that removes the pain, leaving only the gain. Azon Review Hero allows you to: • Insert your Amazon affiliate id, API and country into your offers • Automatically change product categories based on the Amazon country your visitor buys from • Get product reviews (including reviewer... [...]

Azon Store Builder builds Amazon affiliate stores, push-button ease #ad

Sam Robinson and his partners have spent the last 9 months developing new software for Amazon affiliates. It’s a WordPress plugin called Azon Store Builder, and it’s the most advanced Amazon affiliate store builder software available. Azon Store Builder creates an attractive, and easy to use, Amazon store right on your site. This powerful plugin builds Amazon affiliate stores with advanced features such as: • 90 Day Cookies, so you can earn if the visitor buys anything within 90 days • Auto Price Updater that allows you to not worry about manually tracking and updating... [...]