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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Design Agency Business: Consultant’s Done-For-You Bundle #ad

If you are in business (or want to be) to help other businesses build a profitable online presence, there is a new done-for-you package of digital assets to let you build a new consultant offering, starting from scratch or adding it to your current capabilities. Actually, as you will see, these tools will be a big help in managing your own website and marketing materials, even if you don’t have clients you work for. It’s just that your license allows you to sell your creations to other business, in addition. The DesignBundle Local Edition was released a week ago by Ifiok NK, John Gibb,... [...]

Automate Sales, Marketing & Customer Support 24/7 without being Online #ad

Getting people to pay attention to (and respond to) your marketing messages is key to your online success. Doing it without consuming a lot of your time is key for your ability to get things done. Automating the process makes it usable 24/7, whether you are working or not. Chatbots can help build this automated customer (and prospective customer) support system that will do most of the work for you. That can make a big difference in what your business can do for your bottom line. Not only your business, any business with an online presence can benefit from the power of chatbots. So if you are... [...]

How You Can Leverage Google to Tap into Amazon’s Bounty #ad

Some Amazon affiliates do quite well by specializing on a particular niche and offering a range of products specifically for that niche. The better your niche, the more they earn. Mo Miah and his team have created new software that will help you find niches that are designed to create a good income for you. It’s called: InstaNiche Pro. Your niche should be selected based on keywords that are frequently searched that have low competition from other marketers that target them. Miah’s new software finds keywords like that. And it classifies each keyword it finds as either low competition,... [...]

Sale ending. Get better rankings with just minutes of work #ad

The launch sale for SEO Catalyst Pro, John Gibb‘s and Mo Miah’s new automated SEO tool, is almost over. This weekend is your last chance to pick up this simple software that helps you to rankyour site in a few minutes. Do it before the price doubles and goes monthly. This tool, created by Gibb and Miah (creators of Niche Site Formula). Through weeks of testing, they uncovered key ranking factors that Google has a special “affection” for., such as: #1 – Niche Themed Trust Flow Links #2 – Sites and networks full of relevant, unique content #3 – Youtube videos #4 – High... [...]

Why You Don’t Rank on the Search Engines #ad

What it takes to rank in the search engines has changed over the years. Ten years ago, it was fairly easy. But the days of sending wiki links, forum profiles, and posting spun articles (and a lot more early techniques) are all but gone. A new approach is needed. The good news is that although the search engine content preferences have changed over the last few years, one technique has always remained at the top of the search engine preferences: Unique relevant content pages for a niche that link to other unique relevant themed content for the same niche has always been respected by the search engines... [...]

SEO Catalyst: High ranking for competitive search terms #ad

John Gibb has partnered with Mo Miah to create new SEO software they call SEO Catalyst Pro. Once you install it, you can begin to reap the benefits immediately. The say it only takes a minute or two to add your details to it and turn it loose working for you getting crushing all the search engines to recognize the importance of your site. In fact, Gibb shares a video of him actually rankling a site with 60 seconds worth of work. You can repeat this process over and over until all your sites start rising in the search engines. During the grand opening sale, you get a whopping 62% discount here:... [...]