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Monday, August 10, 2020

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Tools' Category

Add Powerful One-Click Upsells to your Sales Pages #ad

One of the important marketing principles, used by all major marketers from automobile dealers to computer vendors to home builders to nearly any big business you can think of is what is called the upsell. Once you have committed to buying, you are offerred extra features, improved usability, a carrying case and more if only you would like to pay a little extra to get them.How often have you heard things like, “You are paying a lot for your car; wouldn’t you like to pay a little more to get the extended warranty.” Savvy marketers use these upsells because they work.Not everyone... [...]

$100K Shout Out available today #ad

The wait is over. Chris Munch launches $100K Shout Out at 11 AM EDT.Now you can put into practive what you have discovered over the last few daya as Munch has shown the power of this new marketing platform (known as Amplifire and the marketing techniques that it supports.You are getting access to Amplifire and full training on how to get the most out of this new tool.And, to assure that you have supporting software that assists in taking dvantge of the power of Amplifire, with Munch’s help, we have arranged 5 bonuses for our readers who invest.See our bonuses here: Bonuses for $100K Shout... [...]

Mark Dulisse releases powerful robot builder for Facebook Messenger #ad

Facebook Messenger has a big advantage over email – people read the messages more faithfully, probably because people spend a lot of time on Facebook so they see the messages, these messages are still novel and Facebook puts them “in your face”, to a higher degree than email is.If you put in the effort, you can build a business using Messenger. We see several marketers in our Messenger almost daily. But there is a significant commitment of time involved in manually communicating with your contacts via Messenger.Mark Dulisse has just introduced new software that can take over... [...]

AzonStation Brings Passive Affiliate Sales #ad

There is brand new, cloud-based software coming out today at 11 AM EDT. AzonStation gives even complete beginners free viral traffic on autopilot and lets you use it to:• Get visitors to your site• Build your list• Generate sales, ad revenue & commissions.It only takes seconds for this brand new, proprietary technology to build a site that takes advantage of the power of Amazon affiliate stores and free Google traffic.You can see this new solution here, and if you hurry, you can get an earlybird discount: AzonStation.It only takes 3 simple steps to get going:1. It curates... [...]

Linked Assist software for automated LinkedIn marketing #ad

Software being released today, called Linked Assist, will generate Leads in any niche, using LinkedInHere is what Linked Assist can do for you:1. Automatically send connection requests2. Automatically send messages to people you ca connected with3. Export connection data in CSV format, for import into Excel, etc.4. Automatically endorse profiles of your connections5. Save your messages and signature blocks as templates for future use.Sell more with LinkedIn. Check out this new software here: Linked Assist [...]

The central fact of marketing campaign success #ad

If you want to grasp what it takes to be a successful online marketer, consider this: Almost all marketing you’ve ever been attracted by is based on just 3 types of marketing campaigns.Just watch this explanation by Frank Kern: Kern’s Top Three Campaigns.In this video, Kern provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the three most powerful marketing campaigns ever invented. Every day, savvy marketers, from companies large and small, use them to persuade people like you and me to buy what they are offering.This video is something any marketer will find helpful. And there’s no cost... [...]

Sharpen Your Marketing with these 50 Tools

Successful marketing is the result of right combination of content and the tool which delivers it. Entrepreneur contributor Drew Hendricks has published a list of 50 marketing tools that can help marketers improve their efforts.Hendricks says, “Knowledge is power in today’s marketing efforts. It is crucial that businesses have the latest solutions to track, analyze and personalize their marketing efforts.For those that need some help determing the best tools to help their businesses excel, here are 50 of my favorites:Finding influencersTraackr—Locate relevant influencers and manage... [...]