ShopBuildr ls a 5-in-1 affiliate marketing tool for building your Amazon affiliate sites.

ShopBuildr Software
This is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to build complete Ecom affiliate websites in just minutes.

It automatically:
✓ finds you products to promote,
✓ creates the posts for you,
✓ inserts content for you, and even
✓ adds your affiliate link for you.

This is true marketing automation.

Watch the demo video here:ShopBuildr Demo

This brand-new WordPress plugin will create a complete affiliate website in just minutes.

For each product on your site, this plugin will automatically:
➤ Add the product to your site
➤ Insert the product features & description
➤ Add an image of the product
➤ Insert the product price
➤ Add YouTube videos
➤ Insert your affiliate link.

And it goes beyond this automated content creation. Recently Amazon changed the rules for affiliates. They now require that you make 3 sales before you can get access to their API.

This was a real setback for many affiliates, but ShopBuildr avoids this limitation.

With this new software you can now continue to build eCom affiliate sites and still promote Amazon even if you don’t have access to the Amazon API.

In addition, don’t forget, the software will automate the entire process of building your eCom affiliate site.

And, it will help you get traffic and will build backlinks to your site for you.

Get your copy here: ShopBuildr.

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