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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Archive for the 'Clickbank Marketing' Category

Affiliate Knowledge: How to build a successful affiliate business #ad

The difference between an unsuccessful affiliate marketer and a successul one is knowledge of how to do it well. Affiliate Knowledge shows you how it’s done. This is a comprehensive guide, by Mark Davis, to setting up an affiliate business using your own authority web site, that can be started small and scaled, over time, to the size you want it to be. Here are some of the fundamental afficiate strategies you will discover in Affiliate Knowledge: ➤ A productive design for your affiliate website (Davis calls it his “secret blueprint”) ➤ Niche research methods to assure you... [...]

“Click and Bank 2” for 100% automated Clickbank marketing #ad

A new app, Click and Bank 2, builds Clickbank review sites for you, with one click, in seconds, and then hosts them on its servers. The affiliate review sites it builds for you come complete with a function that brings in free Google traffic. You can have a working website up and running in just minutes. But that isn’t all. Once your site is running, look what happens: ➤ It posts quality niche-specific content (“original content”, they say.) New content is posted every day. ➤ It posts complete reviews of the latest Clickbank products for your niche (complete with video, sales copy,... [...]

Click and Bank 2: Clickbank affiliate marketing at its best #ad

Clickbank is a very large platform for digital products in many niches, from gardening to health to online marketing to weight loss and lots of niches in between. In fact, Clickbank is said to be the largest affiliate platform in the world. Whatever niche you want to target, Clickbank likely has products you may sell as an affiliate, and when you create a product, you can find affiliates there, too. Unlike WarriorPlus and JVZoo, Clickbank is not primarily focused on the online marketing niche, but on dozens of profitable niches. In many cases, product owners allow beginning marketers to be an... [...]

Automation Empire builds 12 ClickBank affiliate sites in any niches #ad

Automation Empire, just released by Dan Green, builds and then hosts 12 entire ClickBank affiliate sites for you (complete with Google Traffic). These sites are built with point-and-click ease because this is Software as a Service (SaaS). ➤ You get niche-specific quality “original” content, auto-transcribed from YouTube, and posted to your sites daily. ➤ You get “fully done for you” reviews of the latest relevant ClickBank products (complete with video + copy + bonuses) daily. ➤ Your sites can even rank on Google so you may get actual search traffic daily. If you aren’t familiar... [...]

Raiid: Hands-off affiliate commissions 24/7 from Clickbank #ad

Raiid is an automated affiliate marketing tool that helps you with three important tasks of Clickbank affiliate marketing: 1. Research – Selecting a product that is a likely winner 2. Content Generation – Creating pre-sell content to interest your audience in the product 3. Traffic Generation – Driving visitors to your pre-sell content In case you haven’t come across Clickbank yet, it is a ‘middle man’ between affiliates and vendors of digital products. They handle all of the techie stuff like tracking the visitors through your link (So they make your link completely unique, so... [...]

Affiliate Funnel Bots: Marketing Funnels for Affiliates #ad

If you want to sell your own product or if you want to just get started online, take a look at Affiliate Funnel Bots. The basic premise of this new software is that it gives you “done for you” affiliate funnels. Here are the details. Funnels are a marketing tool that professional marketers have used for years to increase their sales. The idea is that once a person has bought a product in a particular niche, they are likely to be interested in other products in that niche., so after they buy, make another offer to them. If you choose the second (and third or fourth) offer carefully,... [...]

Longing to Quit your 9 to 5 Job? #ad

Today, new training and support for building an online business is being released. Nick Torson, the creator, has been working hard to get ready for this momentous day, the launch of Quit 9 to 5 Academy. He and a select group of his students have been using this training and support for about 2 years, now. This pilot program has allowed the students to build successful businesses selling Clickbank products as affiliates. (If you aren’t familiar with Clickbank, it is a worldwide online platform for selling information products in any niche you can imagine. Thousands of product developers use... [...]

Affiliate Titan X: A “Cut & Paste” affiliate business system #ad

The affiliate marketing business has a lot of advantages (and a few disadvantages) for online marketers. The biggest advantage is that it can be entered with no prior experience and almost no investment. But despite this advantage, nd others, it isn’t quite as easy to earn a good living. You need to be careful so you don’t waste advertising dollars (or pounds, euros, mmarks, shekels, etc.) A team of experienced affiliate marketers has put together a collection of software tools (they call this collection Affiliate Titan X) that will help you focus your effort and expense on products... [...]

IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0: How to profit from marketing online #ad

Kevin Fahey has over 8 years of affiliate marketing experience. Each year he discovers new tips and techniques that improve his profit. With this experience, combined with his progressive learning, it’s fair to call him an expert. Now, he has created brand new video training that shares how he made over $105,283.55 in affiliate commissions. And how he did it with just 13 minutes of “work” each day. His new training is IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0, a completely updated version of his original product. Fahey has been successful in affiliate marketing and has made it a permanent part of his online... [...]

Affiliate Titan Software finds and helps promote winning offers #ad

If your affiliate sales haven’t been pleasing, you may want to check into new software that, according to its creators, automates techniques they have been using effectively for years. Affiliate Titan Software consists of two applications: 1. The first application (it runs on both Windows and Apple) finds the affiliate products that are doing well. Some affiliates are making good money promoting these products. Find out which products are selling so you can focus on these winners. 2. The second application creates an affiliate promotion page for that winning product. This page is based on... [...]