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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Archive for the 'Clickbank Marketing' Category

Banklify builds ClickBank affiliate sites in seconds #ad

Banklify is a 1-Click App that “Auto-Builds” and then “Auto-Ranks” a ClickBank affiliate site (with your affiliate links) on Google. If you aren’t familiar with ClickBank, you should be aware that it has been called the world’s largest seller of online information products. Whatever niche you are targeting, it is likely that ClickBank has multiple products in your niche. You can reap affiliate commissions for selling these products on your website. It stands to reason that a high-quality affiliate site that promotes ClickBank products can become successful. New Banklify software... [...]

[Replay] Daven Michaels’s “$3K Every Day” Business Training

If you missed Daven Michaels’s “$3K Every Day” business workshop, he just posted the replay. I checked, and it is working correctly, here: Daven Michaels’s “$3k Per Day” Replay. As a reminder, Daven and Justin Michie have been using affiliate marketing to build a consistent business online. He hasd other things going on, so this is more of a side hustle, but it still does well because of all of the automation built into it. Daven gave a lively demonstration of this business system on the call last night. His presentation was impressive. Who knew you could: ✓ drive targeted... [...]

Daven Michaels on IM NewsWatch Conversations today; Joining us? #ad

It’s only a few hours until we host Daven Michaels on the IM NewsWatch Conversations podcast. Daven will be sharing exactly how he and his partner, Justin Michie, built their “$3k Per Day” online business without needing a website. He promises that (1) his explanation will be step-by-step so that anyone can understand it and that (2) it will be comprehensive, with nothing left out. Register for his demo here: Daven Michaels’s “$3k Per Day” Plan. • Want to clear some debt, upgrade a few things, and maybe take an extra vacation? This is the perfect business model for a side... [...]

Daven Michaels’s “$3K Every Day” Free Training #ad

You will be happy to know that building a profitable business online doesn’t have to be a complicated, high-tech process. Daven Michaels did it. You can, too. You don’t have to be a tech genius, or, for that matter, a marketing genius (especially, if you have a good mentor). In fact, Daven Michaels reports he is making $3K every day from an online business without a website or any other complicated technical wizardry. Michaels is a well-known trainer. When we googled him, we found over 51,000 references. Try it; scroll down through the results. It was interesting that IMDb reports he even... [...]

The ‘no website’ way to online marketing success #ad

If I had to start all over again and build a business from scratch, from absolute zero: ✓ No money, ✓ No mailing list, ✓ No social media followers, ✓ No reputation to fall back on, I know exactly where I would start. I would start by implementing Daven Michaels’s unique Daven Michaels’s “$3k Per Day” Plan online business system. Now that I have discovered Daven’s plan, this would be an easy decision. You might rightly ask, “Why?” Because: 1. With Daven’s approach, you can drive targeted traffic for pennies, 2. He also shows you how you can start generating... [...]

Daven Michaels on how he built success online #ad

Daven Michaels teaches “$3K per Day” Daven Michaels is coming to visit IM NewsWatch in our Conversations webinar series. He is an experienced online marketer who has a lot to share with those of us who are not quite as far along in our career. He will share his experience in a particular project that turned out to quite successful for him. He titles his talk “$3K Every Day”. In his long-lasting project, that was his success rate; on average, he earned $3k per day. Of course, he can’t (nor can IM NewsWatch) guarantee that you will earn that much, even if you take good... [...]

Affiliate Knowledge: How to build a successful affiliate business #ad

The difference between an unsuccessful affiliate marketer and a successul one is knowledge of how to do it well. Affiliate Knowledge shows you how it’s done. This is a comprehensive guide, by Mark Davis, to setting up an affiliate business using your own authority web site, that can be started small and scaled, over time, to the size you want it to be. Here are some of the fundamental afficiate strategies you will discover in Affiliate Knowledge: ➤ A productive design for your affiliate website (Davis calls it his “secret blueprint”) ➤ Niche research methods to assure you... [...]

“Click and Bank 2” for 100% automated Clickbank marketing #ad

A new app, Click and Bank 2, builds Clickbank review sites for you, with one click, in seconds, and then hosts them on its servers. The affiliate review sites it builds for you come complete with a function that brings in free Google traffic. You can have a working website up and running in just minutes. But that isn’t all. Once your site is running, look what happens: ➤ It posts quality niche-specific content (“original content”, they say.) New content is posted every day. ➤ It posts complete reviews of the latest Clickbank products for your niche (complete with video, sales copy,... [...]

Click and Bank 2: Clickbank affiliate marketing at its best #ad

Clickbank is a very large platform for digital products in many niches, from gardening to health to online marketing to weight loss and lots of niches in between. In fact, Clickbank is said to be the largest affiliate platform in the world. Whatever niche you want to target, Clickbank likely has products you may sell as an affiliate, and when you create a product, you can find affiliates there, too. Unlike WarriorPlus and JVZoo, Clickbank is not primarily focused on the online marketing niche, but on dozens of profitable niches. In many cases, product owners allow beginning marketers to be an... [...]

Automation Empire builds 12 ClickBank affiliate sites in any niches #ad

Automation Empire, just released by Dan Green, builds and then hosts 12 entire ClickBank affiliate sites for you (complete with Google Traffic). These sites are built with point-and-click ease because this is Software as a Service (SaaS). ➤ You get niche-specific quality “original” content, auto-transcribed from YouTube, and posted to your sites daily. ➤ You get “fully done for you” reviews of the latest relevant ClickBank products (complete with video + copy + bonuses) daily. ➤ Your sites can even rank on Google so you may get actual search traffic daily. If you aren’t familiar... [...]