The latest post on ‘Re/code’ is titled “Google Shoots Down Report of AdSense Abuse as “Complete Fiction””.

Liz Gannes says, “An anonymous post today described a multi-year Google scheme to shut down AdSense accounts without explanation and take publishers’ money. Attempting to quash the allegations before they spread further, Google described them as “complete fiction.”

Pastebin post by someone claiming to be a former Google employee who witnessed such abuses is making the rounds among webmasters and on Hacker News.

The post describes an elaborate scheme starting in 2009 to flag, audit and ban sites that were earning $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 per month from shared revenue generated by Google AdSense ads — the simple contextual ads that publishers can run on their sites with minimal work”.

Google Shoots Down Report of AdSense Abuse as “Complete Fiction”


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