Popular sites can earn big commissions by placing Adsense on the site. PlentyofFish.com, for example, earns hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. You and I can only dream of those kind of rewards, perhaps, but we can grow our earnings if we use the right techniques for our Adsense ads.

Adsense Gold Rush shows you a clear-cut strategy to:
• Build targeted Adsense campaigns that generate more clicks
• Tweak your campaigns to increase your earnings
• Improve your click-through rate to grow your earnings even more
• Use traffic sources that you never thought of before to increase clicks

Besides these tips specifically for Adsense, you also get training on researching the keywords your site targets and traffic generation and more.

Adsense is mostly passive income. You go about your business running your blog or website, and Google picks the ads to display related to your site. When anyone clicks, you get paid.

Find out more about improving your Adsense earnings here: Adsense Gold Rush

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