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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Archive for the 'Other Voices' Category

Businesses and Social Media: The Good, the Bad and the Takeaways

A presence on social media is increasingly important for businesses these days, and many companies use social media with great success. However, sometimes businesses get it wrong when it comes to this outlet, and sometimes they get it dead wrong. Check out some of these good and bad social media examples that your business can learn from.Businesses That React to Negative Customer FeedbackThe Good: Dell took note that customers were posting to social media about problems before they issued a call to the call center. Dell was able to use this information to tackle issues early on before they got... [...]

8 Tips for Highly Effective Marketers

DJ MillerThere is no universally “right” or “wrong” way to market a product or service. Marketing strategies varies from company to company, depending on a number of factors. A marketer might choose to use different tactics to market to an older generation than a younger one, for instance, or for a therapeutic massage service as opposed to an oil change service. That being said, there are certain things every marketer should keep in mind. Here are eight tips for highly effective marketers.PlanBelieve it or not, many marketers forget to make plans. They are so focused... [...]

What Makes a Website Hold Visitor Attention

By Jo GuzmanOver the years it has been getting harder and harder to hold the attention of a visitor on our websites, so it is important to understand what are some of the best ways to get someone to focus on your site and stay there for a while. To assist with making your website successful, here are some ideas  that you can implement into your site.Quality ContentThe first and most important part of any website is going to be the content that is inside of it. Having content that your target demographic would actually enjoy is going to be a major factor in whether or notthey will stay on your... [...]

Working Together: Top 5 Google Android Apps for Managing Business Projects

by DJ MillerWorking together is easier when you have the right apps to support collaboration. Try these top Google apps to make your next business project a breeze.Mind Map Memo PROPrice: $2.17Of all the mind mapping apps that work on Android devices, Mind Map Memo PRO gives you the most for your money. This app makes it easy for you to create new mind maps or open existing mind maps in .mmm or SD formats.If you can sketch a map on a piece of paper, then you can use this app. Actually, you don’t even need the ability to draw a simple sketch, since it comes with pre-formatted... [...]

5 Social Media Faux Pas That Ruin Your Business’s Credibility

by D.J. MillerIf your business is going to thrive, it won’t be enough to have just a website and a blog; you’ll need a social media presence as well. But if you’re new to social media, you need to approach it the carefully. Mistakes made here could ruin your reputation for a long time. Consider the following pitfalls and avoid them.Not Having a PlanAnyone can join a social network, but to go into it without a plan is a waste of time and effort. Research how your social media presence can further your company marketing or customer service strategy. Know how social media works in... [...]

How to get more from Affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer or a merchant, you know how much of a vitalrole that reports play in tracking the success of any affiliatemarketing campaign. Both merchants and affiliate marketers will reviewdashboards and reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to see howthe current campaign is performing, how many leads are beinggenerated, how many sales are being reported, how many click-throughsthe campaign has achieved, and how much is being earned incommissions. Without periodical audits that can be analysed, anaffiliate marketing venture cannot be successful, but there are a widerange... [...]

Google AdWords has released a new API called AdWords Scripts

AdWords Scripts are a lightweight JavaScript style interface for performing routine activities against an account, such as adwords scripting for updating and reporting on your AdWords accounts, making it possible for advertisers to develop custom tools and integrations quickly.AdWords scripts can’t do all the heavy lifting of the AdWords API and isn’t suited as the basis for a custom platform, but it can be useful for basic automation.AdWords scripts include built-in support for Google Spreadsheets and HTTP services, allowing you to pull in important data and take action in your account.... [...]

‘Setting Boundaries for Sustainable Success and Extreme Client Care’ by Sandra Martini

Sandra Martini’s latest ‘The Martini Advantage’ newsletter article is reprinted here. The article is titled “Setting Boundaries for Sustainable Success  and Extreme Client Care”.‘Setting Boundaries for Sustainable Success  and Extreme Client Care’ by Sandra MartiniWould you prefer to listen to this week’s article? If so, click here to listen.The term “boundaries” or “setting boundaries” often comes with a negative connotation – one of exclusion or closing people out.In reality, setting boundaries is symbolic of sustained success... [...]

‘Where are my business results?’ by Sandra Martini

Sandra Martini’s latest ‘The Martini Advantage’ newsletter article is reprinted here. The article is titled “Where are my business results?”.‘Where are my business results?’ by Sandra MartiniWould you prefer to listen to this week’s article? If so, click here to listen.Ever notice how we think we do more than we actually do?  Or we eat more or spend more than we think until we add up all the calories and cents?It’s almost as if our brain is working to support our intentions rather than our actual actions.This hit home twice last week when:A... [...]

‘7 Easy Ways to Discover What Customers Are Buying’ by Terry Dean

Terry Dean’s latest ‘Internet Marketing Coach’ blog post is reprinted here. The blog post is titled “7 Easy Ways to Discover What Customers Are Buying”.‘7 Easy Ways to Discover What Customers Are Buying’ by Terry DeanA lot of people talk about finding out what people are searching for online.But we need to go deeper than this.  We need to find out what people are BUYING online.Just because someone is searching for a subject doesn’t mean they’re willing to spend money on it.   I’ve seen so many people make mistakes here.  They see a high traffic... [...]