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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Archive for the 'Online Video Advertising' Category

Top method for capturing targeted, engaged leads (Free Video) #ad

Mark Thompson and Matt Callen just released Video Sales Page Training #2 in their training series on creating and using video on sales pages, squeeze pages and more. If you missed video 1, it is still available on the same page as video 2. In this new 16 minute training video, Thompson and Callen reveal more secrets of using video in a profitable online business. For example: • How to save big money on hosting for videos, without giving up all the functionality of premium video hosting services like Wistia • How to boost conversions by 400% using video • How to turn boring old... [...]

Video Sales Letter Training Series (free for next 7 days) #ad

Have you ever wondered, “How can I convert my disengaged visitors into subscribers, and even more important, into paying customers?” Mark Thompson and Matt Callen just finished creating a full training series in which they share their tested answers to this question. In this free series, they explore how to create and use Video Sales Letters, and they give you a step-by-step Copy & Paste system that you can use to make your own video sales letters. Ultimately, this will be a set of four videos. One is available now, and the second will be available tomorrow. Along with tis first... [...]

Free Video Sales Letter Training by Mark Thompson #ad

Of all the things that can improve an online marketing campaign, sales videos are probably right near the top. We just watched the free Video Sales Letter training that Mark Thompson and Matt Callen released today. Thompson does the talking, although this is based on the experience of both of them. Most marketers aren’t using video sales letters at all, and many of those who do, don’t use them well. Thompson says that even non-expert marketers who aren’t good copywriters, either, can boost conversion rates with video sales letters. In fact, Thompson says that when he learned... [...]

Traffic ROI Machine brings you traffic from any YouTube video #ad

Chad Nicely and Precious Ngwu have worked together to bring Traffic ROI Machine to market for the benefit of online marketers who need a better return on their invested time. This plugin works on your website, where you have embedded a YouTube video. When the visitor plays the video, you can insert an “annotation” (similar to a pop-up, but inside the video, clearly related to the video and done very tastefully When the visitor clicks on the annotation, you can redirect them wherever you choose; for example, to your affiliate link for the product in the video. This works for your own... [...]

‘The new rules of online video advertising’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

The latest ‘Econsultancy’ blog post is titled “The new rules of online video advertising”. Ben Davis says, “TV advertising budgets are slowly moving online. Even so, online video advertising represents about 3% of TV budgets. In 10 years the figures will look different. Perhaps 25% or 30%. Or perhaps TV will change significantly. Recent developments in online video advertising include richer formats, such as interactive ecommerce catalogues, games, dynamic location-based ads, social integration. With change occurring in the market, it feels like a good time to re-assess... [...]