Chad Nicely and Precious Ngwu have worked together to bring Traffic ROI Machine to market for the benefit of online marketers who need a better return on their invested time.

This plugin works on your website, where you have embedded a YouTube video. When the visitor plays the video, you can insert an “annotation” (similar to a pop-up, but inside the video, clearly related to the video and done very tastefully

When the visitor clicks on the annotation, you can redirect them wherever you choose; for example, to your affiliate link for the product in the video.

This works for your own products, for CPA offers, for affiliate products and more.

Now, your embedded videos can directly earn you money. For example, the video can be a university professor talking about the latest findings on obesity. You can annotate it with an offer for a Clickbank obesity product.

Nicely does a fine demo of how Traffic ROI Machine works and there’s a lot more information about thw ways you can profit from it, also on the sales page.

If you are getting visitors to your site, but very few sales, this can boost your revenue by attracting more clicks from people who watch your videos.

Get your copy here: Traffic ROI Machine.

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