Of all the things that can improve an online marketing campaign, sales videos are probably right near the top.

We just watched the free Video Sales Letter training that Mark Thompson and Matt Callen released today. Thompson does the talking, although this is based on the experience of both of them.

Most marketers aren’t using video sales letters at all, and many of those who do, don’t use them well.

Thompson says that even non-expert marketers who aren’t good copywriters, either, can boost conversion rates with video sales letters.

In fact, Thompson says that when he learned how to create good VSLs, it was responsible for:
• Doubling his conversions,
• Tripling his leads, and
• Quadrupling his Sales.

He has just released Free VSL Training Video that shows how to create good VSLs.

Mark Thompson's video training and software

Creating effective Video Sales Pages

Here is a quick overview of what he covers in this free training presentation. You’ll discover:
■ Why you need to be using video on your sales pages, plus how you can boost your business with Video Sales Letters
■ Their proven 10-step conversion-boosting, no-Fail VSL formula (By the way, you can download the mindmap + worksheets for this formula, too.)
■ How they are able to double conversions, triple leads, and quadruple sales – by switching from “old school” sales letters to VSLs.

This new training video is full of hints and tips for creating a good video sales letter.

Watch the Training Now: Free VSL Training Video.

And don’t forget to download the 10x, No-Fail VSL Formula Mindmap + VSL Worksheet downloads here: Free mind maps and worksheet.

By the way, this is the first of a series of 4 free videos. Others are coming over the next week, culminating is a product launch “not to be missed.”

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