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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Archive for the 'Online Video Marketing' Category

YouTube Trending – Three Myths

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is the platform that rules. By promoting your video content here, you can grow more leads for your business. Search Engine Journal contributor Matt Southern has shared three YouTube myths in his recent article. He says, “YouTube addresses 3 common myths about how it features content and explains what it takes for a video to appear in the coveted ‘Trending’ section. The myths which are debunked by a member of YouTube’s creator content strategy team include: YouTube Trending gives preferential treatment to specific creators. YouTube Trending... [...]

How to Leverage Personal Videos to Build Relationships with Customers [Podcast]

Entrepreneur magazine contributor James McKinney has published a new podcast episode ‘How to Leverage Personal Videos to Build Relationships with Customers’ featuring Matt Barnett. He says, “Matt Barnett is the founder of Bonjoro, a tool for sending personal videos to customers. In this clip from an episode of “The Startup Story” podcast, Barnett talks about leveraging video for customer satisfaction, onboarding and sales cycles to increase revenue. Barnett unpacks the value proposition of video as a tool for building relationships with potential customers and how to leverage... [...]

16 Tools to Improve Your Video Marketing

Neal Schaffer has published an article highlighting 16 tools to improve your video marketing. He says, “As nearly everyone in our industry knows, video marketing is hot. Really hot. In fact, video marketing has been slowly taking over multiple social networks due to its overwhelming popularity. Although at one time it was expensive to produce, nowadays video marketing is a cost-effective option for most brands. If your company hasn’t tried this type of marketing, it should. Whether you’re looking to get into video marketing for the first time, or you just need new tools, here are some... [...]

Improve Your Video Rankings with These YouTube SEO Tools

Content Marketing Institute’s Aleh Barysevich has published an article highlighting 21 YouTube SEO tools to boost your video rankings. He says, “When you think of search engines, it’s usually Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo. And yet, as one of the largest search engines in the world, with more than 2 billion monthly active users, is YouTube. Most people consider YouTube as a social media platform, which it is, but it also behaves a lot like a traditional search engine. Visitors enter their query and get a list of videos ranked by relevance. That’s why optimizing video content... [...]

How to Get More Views on YouTube [Podcast]

Social Media Examiner has published a new podcast ‘How to Get More Views on YouTube: Strategy From a Top Creator’ featuring  Justin Brown. The SME team says, “Wondering how to get more people to watch your YouTube videos? Looking for a strategy you can model? To explore how to get more views on your YouTube videos, I interview Justin Brown on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Justin is a YouTube expert and video strategist who helps businesses grow an audience and scale their revenue with online video. His program is called Primal Video Accelerator. His YouTube channel has... [...]

How to Script Videos for Social Media in 5 Steps [Video]

Want help in preparing the script for your next marketing video? The new video from Social Media Examiner ‘How to Script Videos for Social Media in 5 Steps’ will help you do it. The SME team says, “Do you create videos for Facebook and Instagram? Wondering how to get more people to pay attention to your videos in the news feed? Social video expert Matt Johnston shares a five-step system for using text overlays to optimize your video for views and engagement in the Facebook or Instagram feed. You’ll discover how to use easy to read copy to enhance video and draw viewers to watch... [...]

How to Video to Grow Your Brand [Podcast]

Tim Stodz has published a new podcast episode ‘How to Video to Grow Your Brand’ featuring Vincenzo Landino. He says, “Vincenzo is the founder of Aftermarq, which is a digital agency that specialized in creating video content. In our conversation, Vincenzo and I talked about the evolution of video over the last ten years, and why video has been such an effective marketing channel for his clients. But Vincenzo is more than just a guru. He has two of his own YouTube channels in which he shares his own ideas and is creating growing companies on his own right. His personal YouTube... [...]

Engage Your Audience with These Video Storytelling Tips

Video is a great tool to capture your target audience’s attention and achieve the desired action from them. Storytelling integrated with video can be a key driver in your business growth. Content Marketing Institute’s Stephanie Stahl has shared nine video storytelling tips to engage your audience. She says, “CMI’s recent Visual Storytelling Summit was full of great tips that will inspire you, make you laugh, make you cry, and get you motivated to try something new – regardless of the constraints the pandemic has imposed on all of us. Each session offered many eye-opening... [...]

How to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2020 [Video]

By acquiring more and more followers on YouTube, you can boost your online presence and effectively promote your products and services. Ahref has published a new video ‘How to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2020’ to help you get more subscribers on YouTube. The Ahrefs team says, “In this video, you’ll learn how to get more YouTube subscribers fast and consistently with a simple 4-step framework”. Watch the video here. Ahrefs  [...]

Growing on YouTube: How to Develop a Loyal Following [Podcast]

By developing a large follower base on YouTube, you can give a boost to your business. With quality video content and effective communication, you can achieve this. Social Media Examiner’s new podcast ‘Growing on YouTube: How to Develop a Loyal Following’ features some useful tips on this. The SME team says, “Want to develop a loyal YouTube following? Wondering how to better connect with an audience on YouTube? To explore how to grow and develop a loyal fan base on YouTube, I interview Cathrin Manning on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Cathrin is a YouTube expert who... [...]