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Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Video Marketing ’ Category

‘Your Guide to Brainstorming Creative Video Ideas’ – AWeber

In a recent article on the AWeber site, Jason Moore shares some helpful information on video marketing, writing, “Crafting a really great video starts with really great brainstorming. Without it, you could end up creating a lot of really rough drafts of scripts and doing a lot of takes to try to get your video […]

VidioJack: earn from other people’s products (no experience req’d) #ad

When you are looking for a way to earn a living online, you should look for this, at a minimum: ■ No huge learning curve ■ No unrealistic claims ■ No website needed (at least to start) ■ Low cost and ready to pay you back quickly For example: 1. Suppose you had a list […]

VidPro: Video templates proven to drive sales #ad

Video, if it is done well, is the most valuable online marketing tool there is. A quality product is a given if you want good sales, but it isn’t enough. People have to feel their current problem and how it drags them down. Then they need to see how your product will help them overcome […]

SociFunnel Pro gets free viral traffic from Facebook, YouTube, more #ad

Brett Ingram has uploaded a demo of his new SociFunnel Pro software, that lets you easily find popular social content YouTube, place it on your WordPress site and use it on social media sites to direct some of that traffic to your opt-in pages, offer pages, affiliate links, or wherever. YouTube + Facebook get over […]

Using YouTube ads to build your business #ad

Friday, Neil Napier and his business partner, Justin Sardi have a product launch coming up. It’s called Video X. There’s not much known about the product yet, but it relates to placing ads on YouTube for low-cost clicks to your sales page. As often happens in product launches, they are providing free training this week […]

Do you get good results from YouTube? #ad

Number of views on YouTube is like traffic to a website. It’s the starting point for building anything of value. Crush YouTube is a new video training course about how to get more views. (A lot of its information applies to other video services, too.) Here are the kind of things you will discover in […]

Easy Video Sales Letters get even easier in EasyVSL 2.0 #ad

Last year, EasyVSL 1.0, created by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen changed forever the way that over 30,000 small marketers create their high-converting video sales letters (VSLs), for their own products and for affiliate products. Now, EasyVSL 2.0 has just been released. The consensus is that it is even better than the original ever was. […]

Social Vidio: Interactive Video Player to Boost Conversions #ad

Three experienced product developers (Stefan van der Vlag, Rohan Chaudhari and Harshal Jadhav) have joined together to create a game-changing video player they call Social Vidio. They will be opening the doors at 11am EDT today. Here’s the most important new capability. Two-step opt-ins (having the person click saying that they are interested before providing […]

What’s an Explainer Video, anyway?

Jason McCoy, head of McCoy Productions, a company that specializes in voice-over talent for videos, audio e-books, etc. has recently published an overview of explainer videos, which are frequently used in online marketing. In these videos a live presenter or an animated character explains a product. The explainer video could be for pre-sale use, showing […]

Video Marketing Fire Sale; up to 89% off #ad

Peter Beattie has just announced a fire sale on his software and training, his 5th annual Video Marketing Fire Sale. Beattie is an expert at video marketing, and he has created many training products and software products to share his expertise with other marketers. In this Fire Sale, he is offering 40 different products, all […]