The Zamurai Warrior team, headed by Joshua Zamora, is releasing a new marketing tool, Tube Charge, at 11 AM EDT, today.

Its purpose is to rank videos in the search results.

It is designed differently from other ranking tools, and the creators say it can safely rank videos on page 1 while not risking being black-listed by search .

And, furthermore, it claims to rank multiple videos at once.

Tube Charge allows you to dominate page 1 a novel way by :

► automatically creating dozens of videos for you at a time
► automatically optimizing those videos for you
► automatically uploading those videos for you on a daily basis
► even automatically creating video playlists from those videos – 100% hands free

Zamora says that the result of all this automatic work is video rankings in 48 hours or less!.

You can see a demo of the process here: Tube Charge Demo.

Plus they’ve Simplified It Into A Simple, 3-Step Process:

1. Login To their Web-app and Turn one basic video into dozens of variations with the click of a couple buttons.

2. Fill out the simple video optimization template for the videos you just created so the tool automatically optimizes your videos.

3. Configure your upload settings to place your fully-optimized videos on your YouTube Channel.

The doors open at 11 AM. Go here to get your access: Tube Charge.

With Zamora’s help, we have arranged a collection of bonuses (including agency rights) for our readers. See our bonuses here: Tube Charge Binuses.

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