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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Ubiquitii posts on multiple social media platforms with one click #ad

Kimberly and Danny de Vries have just released a new solution for marketers who recognize the importance of social media for marketing success: Ubiquitii.The growing importance of social media has been documented both online (Google lists 3,560,000,000 references for “role of social media in marketing”, that’s 3.5 Billion) and in mainstream media.The verdict is in: If you want to succeed online, you need to have your marketing messages placed in front of people where they are spending their time, and that is on social media.Ubiquitii allows you to place your messages on:•... [...]

Kaptiwa is live, Ditch Wistia, Dump Vimeo, Drop YouTube #ad

The “old guard” of video hosting sites haven’t quite kept up with the cutting edge for their users who publish videos.There’s a new video platform that is winning new converts daily. Among the many reasons for moving your video hosting to the new Kaptiwa 2.0 platform is that currently during the product launch week, there is a very reasonable “one-time payment for lifetime use” offer. Warning: Do be aware that “lifetime” is a slippery term in ur business. More than once we have been burned by lifetime deals, only to discover that they product/ service... [...]

New version of Kaptiwa video hosting platform, discount #ad

The second generation of Kaptiwa was just released. There are a lot of features of this new video hosting platform. but fundamentally, you need to know that:1. It hosts your videos on super-fast servers to minimize delays for your viewers and2. There are no hosting fees, ever. That’s right, in the coming months and years there are no monthly video hosting fees, just a single upfront payment.Here are some of the details:► Super-Optimized Video Hosting to Deliver all Your Videos at Lightning Fast Speed. Using this system, you can host and market unlimited:  • Client Prospecting... [...]

FunnelBase Deluxe: Boost Conversions With Social Proof #ad

The eyeSlick Active Media LTD team, headed by Cindy Donovan, is releasing a new SaaS application at 9:00 EST. FunnelBase Deluxe lets you take advantage of the power of social proof by sending automated review requests on your website, through email and even on social media. Then you can display the results as star ratings, product reviews and more. With this new software you can do it all in a stunning, instantly live, animated and fully customizable widget. Now, your customers can leave a text testimonial or star rating review. And FunnelBase Deluxe lets your customers even click a button... [...]

FX VisualClips Pro: Video maker for marketers, Day 2 of Launch #ad

With FXVisualClips Pro, you can create e-commerce videos, social videos, video ads, virtually any marketing video you may need.This new software, by Misan Morrison, was just released yesterday and is selling briskly; over 200 copies were sold on the first day of the launch.As a reminder of what this new video creation tool can do, it’s an easy-to-use Drag-and-Drop video editor that makes creating videos simple.You just select a template from it large library, based on your keywords (or use a blank template). Then, use the drag and drop video editor to create and your video. Finally, render... [...]

FXVisualClips Pro: Video maker for all online marketers #ad

If you’re not using video to drive traffic, get leads, and make sales, you’re missing out on traffic, conversions and sales. In short, your business is under-performing.FXVisualClips Pro is a cloud-based software tool that makes it easier than ever to create remarkable videos for use in all aspects of online business.There are all sorts of templates (over 200) included. They look amazing, by the way.Once your video is built, FXVisualClips Pro makes it easy to share your videos across social media for lots of free traffic with a few clicks of your mouse.With this new SaaS app, you can create... [...]

Email coaching by experts, Barb Ling & Dennis Becker #ad

Veteran marketing coaches, Barb Ling and Dennis Becker (together, they have over 44 years of experience) are offering email coaching for anyone wanting to up their game online.They have packed a lot of value into this low-cost training package: Ling/ Becker Marketing Coaching via Email.This training package not only allows you to email Becker and Ling with your own questions, but also gives you all the benefit of their DennisAndBarb Group Coaching Package.You are getting expert information, including:► Access to their new IM Ignition training course, which is delivered to members at the rate... [...]

Sendiio 2.0 being released today: for email, FB messenger, SMS text #ad

When it was first announced in in February, 2019, Sendiio was the first (and is still the only) autoresponder that combined the power of:1. email marketing,2. Text Message Marketing and3. Facebook Messenger Marketingunder a single central Dashboard – at a one-time price. It was so popular, that over 3000 copies were bought.Now, a year later, Sendiio 2.0 is ready, with:– new features– optimized improvements of the original features– and completely revamped features(over a dozen updates, in fact.)Today, you can get the newest version, that:► allows you to import unlimited... [...]

Conversion Crusher: How to sell your product or service, online or offline #ad

If you have a product to service or sell, you want the smoothest, easiest, successful sales process imaginable. Zach Anderson has a lot of experience in this arena, and he’s ready to share.For over 10 years, Anderson has been building businesses using his Conversion Crusher Proven Sales Process.A few years ago, he created Reputation Loop, a website that lets business people take charge of their online reputation. He reports that using his Conversion Crusher process helped him build this online business, and then it helped him sell the business for a multi-million dollar exit.It’s... [...]

Build your online business from free public domain content #ad

Much of the information available today is copyrighted by the owner, which makes it illegal for anyone to sell it without the permission of the copyright owner. This applies to books, artwork, music, videos, etc.But there is a class of information content called “public domain.” It is owned, not by an individual or a corporation, but by “the public”. That is, anyone can use this content without asking permission from anyone.You can legally use it yourself (e.g., on a website) or sell (and profit from selling) any of this public domain content.There are a number of ways... [...]