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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Explaindio Business Edition builds videos for you to sell #ad

Did you know that short custom videos are sold for as much as $200 to $500 per minute of length with a simple gig on : Upwork and : Fiverr. Explaindio Business Edition lets you join the other sellers. Be realistic in your expectations, though. Not all videos sell for hundreds of dollars, but many do. Take a look: Fiverr Pro Video Gigs. Over time, you can build a reputation and begin to ask for substantial fees for your videos. And you do not even need to have any video making skills to get started. Explaindio Business Edition gets you going with ease. Anyone can do it by simply selecting and filling... [...]

Explaindio Business Edition creates 5 types of marketing videos #ad

Explaindio video creation software was first released in 2014. Since then: • Over 35,000 people have used it for their videos • It has gone through many upgrades. This week the sixth upgraded version is available, Explaindio Business Edition. Each new generation has increased its power by leaps and bounds. This latest version (available for a 66% launch discount today) has advanced its ability dramatically. Now it will create 5 forms of videos for you: ➤ 2D Animations ➤ 3D Animations ➤ Explainer Videos ➤ Doodle Videos (a.k.a. Sketch Videos) ➤ Full Motion Videos With its proprietary... [...]

Content Sparks Anniversary Sale: white label marketing courses #ad

From March 24th to 31st, the Content Sparks Anniversary Sale will be live. For each of the 8 days of the sale, they will release a new giveaway that you may download at no charge. These giveaways vary from checklists to blog posts to assessments, worksheets, and more. And side-by-side with the day’s giveaway will be a 50% discount on a related course, with all its content (lead magnet content, instructor content, and student content), ready for you to teach, create a book to sell or give away, record as a series of podcasts, etc. It’s yours to call your own and share with your audience... [...]

DriveZPresso online storage sale ends Sunday night #ad

Big Tech online storage sites like Dropbox, Amazon S3, and GoogleDrive charge you monthly to keep your files on their servers. (Spoiler: DriveZPresso doesn’t.) The big companies auto-draft your account month after month from now until you retire for the storage space you use. You may not realize that there is an underdog online storage company (DriveZPresso) that offers its services to marketers differently; it’s a brand new “Unlimited” Cloud Storage solution.                            DriveZPresso has all the... [...]

YT Titan: YouTube marketing training for expert results #ad

The doors just opened on YT Titan. You can now get this detailed training teaching you how to build authority YouTube channels you can use to rank your affiliate linkrs or your own products. As you may be aware, Google treats YouTube videos kindly. If you rank in YouTube, you will typically rank in Google, too. So with YT Titan, you discover how to rank in both. This course is a series of 24 videos that teach you how to build an authority YouTube channel from scratch. Here’s what you will discover: ➤ How to create & optimize an affiliate YouTube channel from scratch ➤ How to rank videos... [...]

Provely 2.0 [Case Study] 250% conversion increase #ad

Provely 2.0 [Case Study] 250% conversion increase #ad Matt Thompson and his team have been working on the latest version of Provely and have just released it. Through Friday, there is a “grand opening” sale, pricing it at a nice discount. They have tested Provely 2.0, and in their test (a.k.a., Case Study) they found that the offer they were promoting offer started converting 250% better once they let this new plugin do its work, even though ❌ The sales copy wasn’t changed ❌ The offer wasn’t adjusted ❌ The page design wasn’t overhauled All they did was the one 3 minute tweak... [...]

175k Design Bundle: start an online T-shirt business in 24 hours #ad

With 175k Design Bundle, you can go from no experience to first sale to an ongoing business by just selling T-Shirts. That’s because the T-Shirt niche is worth $574 billion annually. There is surely room for you in a market this big. In fact, just one T-Shirt potentially can change your life. That’s because, with a good design, you can sell thousands of T-shirts, and you don’t have to accept any significant inventory risk. For example, see how a shirt design sold 20,600 shirts, for $574,075 revenue: 175k Design Bundle. To build a successful T-shirt business online, you need to: #1... [...]

DriveZPresso: Ultra-Reliable Cloud Storage #ad

DriveZPresso was just launched and currently has a launch-week sale underway. This scrappy underdog is different from the big players: it only charges a one-time fee and for that fee, you can store as much data as you like without ever paying for storage upgrades or spreading files around multiple accounts. ​ With DriveZPresso, you can: ■ Rest easy knowing all your files are fully backed up so you’ll never lose any important data ■ Share files instantly with one-click share links ■ Preview any file to quickly scan for the info you need without needing to download it ■ Host your website’s... [...]

DriveZPresso: unlimited cloud storage, one-time price #ad

It’s simple why small business marketers need DriveZPresso. We all need reliable, safe storage for our documents and other files. There are many solutions in the market, such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. Unfortunately, these aren’t cheap. For example, the cheapest Dropbox subscription costs $200/ year. That’s nothing to giant businesses, but very small marketers have to watch their budgets carefully, and Dropbox and the other big commercial storage sites may be out of your price range. There is a lot of profit built into the pricing of the major storage companies.... [...]

Comparison Engine creates a clone of Google Shopping in minutes #ad

It seems that everybody has been shopping online since the start of COVID-19. Comparison Engine lets you profit from this trend. This opportunity is worth thinking about since online shopping is a $2 Billion market (and probably more in 2022.) With your own price comparison site, which earns you affiliate commissions, you have the beginnings of an affiliate marketing career that is mostly passive. With the new Comparison Engine software you can create your own price comparison site like Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, Yahoo Shopping, etc., and you can do it in just a few minutes. This new site builder... [...]