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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Zairp: sophisticated unique-content writer; just supply a topic #ad

Zairp is an A.I. web-app that will write, optimize, post, and even rank content for all your sites (and for your client sites) for any keyword and many languages. A while back, we bought a set of 5 or 6 Brazilian domain names. We thought they would let us address a part of the eCommerce world where there might not be as fierce competition as in the USA. However, we have never developed them. Being busy is part of the reason, but a major issue was the cost of translating our content into Portuguese, the national language of Brazil, so the average person in Brazil could read the content. That makes... [...]

SyndRanker Ultimate: Automate social media posting & links #ad

You can have (and probably should have) accounts on multiple social media platforms, all linking to your main website. Each of these can potentially drive traffic to your site. But for them to do so, these accounts need to have content posted. That’s why you need SyndRanker Ultimate. Read on to find out more. The users of YouTube are a bit different population than the users of Twitter or the users of Facebook. People have their preferred social media. In your marketing, you want to attract buyers to your site, regardless of which social media site they prefer. To attract people from up... [...]

VidMingo: Better for marketers than YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia? #ad

VidMingo is better in one important way. It loves marketers and their videos. Don’t they all? Actually, it is reported that last year over 20 Million YouTube videos were removed by administrators, and over 1.98 Million YouTube channels were deleted. A second way VidMingo is better is the cost. If you’re still hosting your videos on other (and costly) platforms such as Vimeo or Wistia then you need to get this new platform for your videos today for a low 1-time price. (when you do, you will also receive some remarkable bonuses that will save you more money. Keep reading to learn more.) If... [...]

VidMingo: Advanced High-Speed Video Hosting Solution #ad

VidMingo has just been released, and it offers what they describe as “Unlimited Video Hosting” with no monthly fees. VidMingo currently has over 5,000 successful marketers who have built their video marketing empire from the ground up by taking advantage of its cost-effective, user-friendly, feature-rich video hosting, that is second to none. They stack up very well against YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia; better than all of them, by some measures. Keep reading to see why. And the best part is you get lifetime access to it with no monthly fees ever. If you create any form of video... [...]

Amaze builds commission-ready online stores with free traffic #ad

You have probably heard that the easiest and quickest way for a beginner to build an income stream from an online business is, by far, to start earning commissions as an affiliate (someone who promotes products for a commission, products created by someone else and sold elsewhere). That’s because you can promote just about anything as an affiliate – crypto, Amazon products, eBay products, Clickbank products, WarriorPlus products, and many others – and never do support for buyers or create a product yourself. Some people have built large online businesses for themselves by doing nothing... [...]

Amaze software builds e-commerce stores #ad

Online shopping is a $586.9 Billion market and Amaze lets you participate in this online marketing opportunity in a big way. It builds an automated online store for you, one which is filled with quality content in whatever niche you choose, and it adds your affiliate links to the products you promote. Amaze creates these automated stores in your choice from categories: • physical products • information products • affiliate products. Each store it creates is ready for traffic and sales. (In the basic version, you can build 5 stores.) When you build a store, you just fill out the information... [...]

[CLOSING] Your Profit Machine “The 5-in-1 PrimeApps” #ad

PrimeApps is closing at midnight. It is an integrated collection of 5 applications that automate important marketing processes. => Go here to find out more about The 5-in-1 PrimeApps. Today is your last chance to claim it before the doors close on this application bundle. You’ve got till midnight. Then it’s gone. Here are the main applications that are included in this package: 1. Prime Virtual: 360-degree Virtual Tour Video Software 2. Prime Ecom Store Builder: World-Class eCommerce Store Builder 3. Prime Speech: Top-Notch Text-to-Speech Software 4. Prime Proof: Brand-New Conversion... [...]

Mobileverse Takeover builds instant app funnels #ad

Peter Beattie is introducing Mobileverse Takeover software for increasing sign-ups and, ultimately, sales, for online and local marketers. Based on a new invention by a couple of software experts at Google, that has been incorporated in a new feature that Google just made available to the public, Beattie has been able to invent a brand new way to generate endless customers, leads, and sales online. It’s called an “Instant App Funnel”, and you’ve seen nothing like this before. Beattie is proud of this new software. Here is what he says: The Amazing New Instant App Funnels w/ Superpowers... [...]

Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Affiliate System #ad

7 Figure Affiliate System builds an automated ‘Business Machine’ that allows you to work only 5 hours a week, using a proven system (in use since 2008) that builds a successful online business, the kind you have been dreaming of for years. It was developed by Michael Cheney. Cheney had a hard time when he started working online. After years of struggle, he was ready to give up, wondering why he couldn’t make the business work when others were doing it profitably. Not wanting to be a quitter, he decided to go back and start over with some new ideas he developed, testing his theories... [...]

FaceDrip: make videos that are ready for Web 3.0 #ad

To earn a living on the internet, you need to sell a product or service people need. FaceDrip answers that need. Use it in your own business to attract and retain interest from potential customers. And, if you choose, sell the videos it makes to other businesses that need to attract their own customers. What kind of videos does it make? Interactive videos, ones that (1) offer viewers a chance to respond and (2) use that response to take action. Interactive videos are more engaging than ordinary videos. People are drawn into them more and stay with them longer than with ordinary videos. In fact,... [...]