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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Archive for the 'Video Creation Software' Category

ReviewReel: product review videos made easy #ad

ReviewReel launches at 11 Eastern. At 10 Eastern, there is a webinar to explain its power and how to use it well. On the ReviewReel Announcement Webinar, the creator, Abhi Dwivedi, will show you how you can easily create stunning product review video for any Amazon product, Shopify product, Udemy Course, Software product, etc: ➤ Without being an expert ➤ Without creating your own content ➤ without speaking a single word ➤ without being on camera ➤ By simply copy-pasting a product name & description ➤ By literally spending less than 10 minutes. On this introductory webinar,... [...]

Why do marketers need Instawrapper? #ad

As people consume more and more videos, these videos have taken over the “mindshare” of people. Videos have the potential to make a deeper impression on people than just words. So marketers produce more and more videos. It is a war of escalation. That’s why you need InstaWrapper. If video is the compelling way to reach people and of thousands of videos are being uploaded to the Internet daily, the natural tendency is to think we must join the ever more frantic video race or we will lose out. But like “the rat race”, the video race never ends. And you will never win... [...]

Closing: VRStudio builds 360o virtual videos, images #ad

Today, the launch week ends for VRStudio 360 Degree Virtual Video and Product Spin Builder application, which includes over 1000 video templates (that will instantly save your time and money.) Yes, you read that right. The launch sale we told you about last week ends today. Based on the timer on the sales page, it appears to end at 1 PM EDT. However, as of this writing, for a small up-front investment, you can still generate unlimited 360 Degree Virtual Videos & Product Spin videos in any niche and use them for yourself or sell them to your clients. => Click Here to Start Generating 360 Degree... [...]

VRStudio: Create, Sell Unique 360 Virtual Videos & Images #ad

VRStudio solves a major problem online sellers have. When people shop online, they have a natural hesitancy since they miss a lot of interaction with the product. If only they could pick it up and look at it from all sides, that could put their minds at ease. Uddhab Pramanik has released VRStudio, a 360 Degree Virtual Video & Product Spin Builder, including 1000s of video templates to speed up your work. It comes with a commercial license so you can not only make these demo videos for yourself, and you can also sell them to clients in any niche. Special $5 Off Coupon – ‘STUDIO5’... [...]

[Closing] Vidvoicer: AI Powered Video + Voice-over Creation #ad

VidVoicer is an AI-powered app that creates profit producing videos with real sounding voice-overs in any language in a few clicks. You build your voice-overs and videos with an all in one dashboard. And it is versatile. You can create: ➤ HD quality whiteboard Videos, ➤ Explainer Videos, ➤ Any Kind of Video, actually, ➤ Voiceovers, ➤ Podcasts, ➤ Audiobooks, ➤ High Ticket Webinars And you can do it in any niche. The voice-overs it creates are far superior (more human-sounding) than those Amazon Polly or Wavenet can produce. In addition, you save money with VidVoicer because you do... [...]

How Katie became a teenage millionaire? VidVoicer shows how #ad

There are many ways to earn money on sites such as Fiverr and Freelancer by providing services for businesses. VidVoicer software makes one kind of profitable gig easy. Some (not all, of course) freelancers are making millions of dollars, and some are even doing it almost passively. For example, a 35-year-old dad has made over $1.5 Million on Fiverr offering very simple services. Then, there’s the teenager named Katie who became a millionaire by making simple videos. And don’t forget the 38-year-old who lost his job but now makes $160k per month of “nearly passive” freelancing... [...]

VidShortz builds short videos for strong engagement #ad

If you have been on YouTube recently, you have probably seen what they call “YouTube Shorts”. These are very short videos, less than a minute long. This feature was probably added in response to the popularity of TikTok, which is full of short videos. VidShortz lets you quickly build short YouTube videos and put them to work to enhance your marketing. If you haven’t considered using these YouTube Shorts in your business, the time is right to add them to your marketing toolset. Being relatively new, they are not overrun with videos from other marketers. Even if you are a beginner,... [...]

Explaindio Business Edition builds videos for you to sell #ad

Did you know that short custom videos are sold for as much as $200 to $500 per minute of length with a simple gig on : Upwork and : Fiverr. Explaindio Business Edition lets you join the other sellers. Be realistic in your expectations, though. Not all videos sell for hundreds of dollars, but many do. Take a look: Fiverr Pro Video Gigs. Over time, you can build a reputation and begin to ask for substantial fees for your videos. And you do not even need to have any video making skills to get started. Explaindio Business Edition gets you going with ease. Anyone can do it by simply selecting and filling... [...]

Explaindio Business Edition creates 5 types of marketing videos #ad

Explaindio video creation software was first released in 2014. Since then: • Over 35,000 people have used it for their videos • It has gone through many upgrades. This week the sixth upgraded version is available, Explaindio Business Edition. Each new generation has increased its power by leaps and bounds. This latest version (available for a 66% launch discount today) has advanced its ability dramatically. Now it will create 5 forms of videos for you: ➤ 2D Animations ➤ 3D Animations ➤ Explainer Videos ➤ Doodle Videos (a.k.a. Sketch Videos) ➤ Full Motion Videos With its proprietary... [...]

VidMingo: Better for marketers than YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia? #ad

VidMingo is better in one important way. It loves marketers and their videos. Don’t they all? Actually, it is reported that last year over 20 Million YouTube videos were removed by administrators, and over 1.98 Million YouTube channels were deleted. A second way VidMingo is better is the cost. If you’re still hosting your videos on other (and costly) platforms such as Vimeo or Wistia then you need to get this new platform for your videos today for a low 1-time price. (when you do, you will also receive some remarkable bonuses that will save you more money. Keep reading to learn more.) If... [...]