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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Archive for the 'Video Creation Software' Category

VoiceBrigade AI voice generation app: launch closing #ad

Today is the last day to grab VoiceBrigade for a one-time low fee to exploit its superior artificial, human-sounding voice capabilities to create realistic human-like narrations for videos, audios, e-books, etc. in 20 languages. With this new SaaS software, generate unlimited high-quality voiceovers for all your business needs, saving a lot of expense, frustration, and time for years to come. On the other hand, you could continue to hire individual voice actors to record each voiceover you need, paying a new, sizable fee each time. So, which one will you choose? VoiceBrigade uses AI-powered technology... [...]

StoryReel 48-hour warning; Create stories for popular social media #ad

Launch week for StoryReel is ending this weekend. Last chance for launch pricing. “Stories” are very popular all around social media sites. Facebook officials say they are passing news feeds in importance. Stories are like a visual version of Twitter – short content, but based on video. They have become popular on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites. They give creators the ability to show what’s important to them right now using pictures and videos. With the right software, they are easy to make and are becoming popular. Because they are short and easy to consume,... [...]

Prezentar: instant presentation (and video presentation) tool #ad

    Prezentar was just re-released. Why should you care? It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, or what niche you’re in. Sooner or later, you’re going to be creating slides, videos, webinars, Video Sales Letters (“VSLs”) or online courses, and you’re going to find that it’s harder than it looks. You can spend hours trying to get the right colors and formatting. And, too often, you’re still left with an amateurish look and outdated design that will turn off your audience, resulting in lost sales and bad reviews. And the worst part... [...]

Video Campaignor Creates Interactive Video Sales Bots #ad

Video Campaignor software creates Video Sales Bots, a new type of interactive video that combines the power of AI Video Actors and Chat Bots to create life-like “Virtual Employees” that work around the clock for businesses selling their products and services for them so the owners don’t have to. With this new software, you can have “your own personal army of automated virtual workers you can use on your own sites or rent out to businesses for passive income and keep all of the profits to yourself”. ❌ NO Selling or Meeting w/ Clients ❌ NO Tech Skills Needed ✔... [...]

ProfitShortz: Create & Publish Short Videos To YT, IG, TikTok #ad

Over the years, Internet Marketing NewsWatch has published ads for a lot of video makers and editors, but ProfitShortz may be the most helpful so far. That’s because a lot of online traffic is now going to short videos. The kind of videos shown on TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. Together these platforms achieve 5 trillion views a month. That’s such a big number that it’s hard to imagine. Only problem? There are no video tools for a small business or individual marketer to create these short videos efficiently and simply. That’s why you should check out ProfitShortz... [...]

VStores: Helps business become ‘Metaverse’-ready #ad

With VStores360, you can create interactive virtual tours and stores for your own use or for sale. Would you like to sell a service that every business needs? One that they have trouble finding someone to supply? One that you can deliver quickly while earning a good profit? Interactive Virtual Tours and eCom Stores are becoming a “must have” marketing tool for businesses who want to make their business “Metaverse”-ready. If you sell business-to-business, you can offer this new service to clients in any niche you serve. VStores360 allows you to make any business “Metaverse”... [...]

PicMotion converts your pictures to marketing videos #ad

PicMotion is a Windows application that allows your to easily turn an image into a video with just 1 click. You are getting giveaway rights in addition to your rights for personal use. You will be able to use this software as a lead magnet, as a bonus for other products, as a download in a membership site you run, and as any other gift you can think of. Your video is simple, beginning with a still picture and making it move with what is often called a “Ken Burns Effect.” Take a look at this preview: It is available for a tiny investment. Get it here: PicMotion. Diego Duarte, the creator... [...]

Pixivid Pro Video Templates launch ends tonight #ad

PixiVid Pro builds attractive videos to improve your marketing success. With Pixivid, you get 200+ video and presentation templates made up of 1,000+ different slides for a tiny investment. These include: ➤ Animation Video Templates ➤ Instagram Post Templates ➤ Presentation Video Features ➤ Movie Posters ➤ Instagram Story Tools ➤ Facebook Cover Banners ➤ Flyer Designs ➤ Vertical, Scroll Up Banners ➤ User-Friendly Tutorials ➤ Animation, Audio, and Transitions included. Each of these templates is a PowerPoint® PPTX file.... [...]

VideoAce: AI Video Builder for you and your clients #ad

VideoAce provides a new kind of web traffic. Historically, there have been 3 primary types of traffic that webmasters use to get traffic to their sites: 1. Purchased Traffic: This includes PPC, solo ads, ezines, other ads, and other “Pay per event” traffic. While this can get your sites as much traffic as you can afford to buy, it is expensive traffic. 2. Borrowed Traffic: This can come from Joint Venture partners and affiliates, ad swaps, etc. This can scale up your traffic quickly if you can find these partnerships and pay these partners a share of your proceeds. 3. Organic Traffic:... [...]

Pixivid Pro video templates (plus bonuses) launched #ad

PixiVid Pro makes sure you never have to go without video again. That’s important because video is a top-notch selling tool online. That’s no surprise. As you know, video is the go-to marketing tool that you and other online marketers must have. It’s not an exaggeration to say that all businesses need video content to reach their customers. And the content needs to be fresh to keep people interested and engaged. PixiVid Pro has just been released. It is a collection of fresh, professional video templates for PowerPoint. Normally, to make a Studio Quality video without this new... [...]