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Friday, June 18, 2021

Archive for the 'Video Creation Software' Category

Advanced Video Studio launch ends at midnight; price rising #ad

IM NewsWatch got in at the launch price for Advanced Video Studio. If you hurry, you can, too. Creating engaging cinematic or futuristic videos to convert your viewers to buyers has never been this easy, according to Nelson Long, the creator of this new video tool. Advanced Video Studio gives you: ➤ A library of fully customizable cinematic futuristic videos that you can use to create your next awe-inspiring videos in any niche in minutes ➤ Unlimited renders: absolutely no restrictions on how many videos you can create ➤ No recurring fees: pay once, use forever ➤ Agency rights: create... [...]

Advanced Video Studio: create engaging futuristic cinematic videos #ad

SuperGoodProduct Company (led by Nelson Long) has just launched Advanced Video Studio, an all-in-one video platform that incorporates industry-leading powerful video software (Hitfilm Express). It comes with a library of fully customizable cinematic and futuristic style videos paired with ultra-engaging animations that will enable you to create modern, attention-grabbing videos that will astonish your viewers. This new video creation tool comes with: ➤ Advanced timeline editing ➤ Built-in green screen capability ➤ A library of fully customizable ultra-engaging video templates, and ➤ Other... [...]

White Label Studio: Mega deal only on this webinar #ad

Mario Brown is announcing a new opportunity for Agencies, Video Marketers and Online Marketers: White Label Studio. This is going live today (June 14), and it includes White Label rights to four Agency Apps that you can use for your clients, your prospects, and your personal business. You can rename your apps with your choice of branding and then resell them. Brown’s company isn’t mentioned in the apps, so they are like professional apps that you created. To make it easy to sell under your own name, you are also getting a White Label Dashboard where you can upload: ➤ Your logo ➤... [...]

Use Viddle to build a substantial income online #ad

As we have reported, Neil Napier released Viddle several days ago. It is SaaS software that lets you create videos and save them in the cloud. Since video is such a useful tool to drive sales, you can easily get a return on your investment if all you do is create your own Viddle videos. Here are some of the benefits of this new tool: ► Easily record videos (demo videos, product videos, webinar videos) ► Create videos in just 3 steps. ► Create, organize, manage & publish video on the go ► Drive unlimited viral traffic to your videos, engage viewers, and skyrocket sales ► Enjoy ultra-fast... [...]

Powerful VSLCreator system helps you sell more #ad

If you see the value of attractive sales videos that convert lookers to buyers, check out VSLCreator. Brett Ingram and his team are releasing this new tool on the 7th of June at 10:00 EDT. “VSL” stands for Video Sales Letter. Ingram says this new tool is the “fastest drag and drop software for unlimited sales videos and marketing scripts.” Not only that; it’s the only platform available that combines a fill-in-the-blank script with studio-quality video creation, and that does it all in minutes, plus you don’t need to have any experience to use it. It is so flexible... [...]

Viddle: Powerful Videos for your business and for clients #ad

The new Viddle software continues to attract new buyers. The basic version and the enhanced versions have sold over 500 copies. Some buyers are individual marketers looking for a simple way to build professional videos for their own marketing. Others are consultants and sellers who use the agency version to make videos for their clients. There is a big need for videos promoting small and medium businesses around the world. The opportunity to build a video creation business is wide open. We have all heard of Fiverr, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, here are several other big... [...]

Viddle: Create and publish videos without the pain #ad

Viddle is a full-blown video hosting & marketing suite. It will let you host, play and market your HD training, promotion, and sales videos for yourself and for your clients. These videos can be placed on any landing page, blog, Shopify, or membership site for the highest lead conversions, sales, and profit. It has been created by the team led by top marketer Neil Napier. Viddle is a breakthrough multi-purpose video marketing tool to: ► Create Professional Videos ► Import Videos Without needing an API ► Host and Play Videos on the Ultra Fast Server ​​​​​​​► Market Your... [...]

Human Synthesys Studio replaces expensive voice actors in videos #ad

Human Synthesys Studio is cloud-based SaaS video creation software that voices your videos using what they call “Humatars”. It uses images of real humans, real human voices, and text-to-speech software to create high-quality real spokespeople that say whatever you type. They add inflection and emphasis to what they say so it sounds natural, not computer-generated. This is the creation of a team led by Todd Gross, who have designed sophisticated AI to move the lips of your “human avatars”, (also known as “humatars”) so that they match the words being said. These humatars... [...]

VideoCreator: No Ordinary Video App (Earlybird Discount) #ad

Paul Ponna has released his latest video tool, VideoCreator. This new SaaS application comes loaded with first-to-market (i.e., never seen before except in Hollywood and Fortune 500 corporations) video technologies: * Local Business Videos featuring Real Human Actors * Pattern-Interrupt Scroll Stoppers * 3D Video Flipbooks * Big-Budget Corporate-style Commercials * Profit Boosting 3D E-commerce and Product Demos * Immersive 360 Degree Animations Imagine creating big-budget animated videos like the Fortune 500 companies and doing it without any expensive freelancers, complicated apps or high-end... [...]

DropMock: brand new design mock-up tool is a game-changer #ad

Jamie Ohler has just released DropMock All-In-One, a tool any online marketer will find helpful. You don’t need any previous experience with design software or video software to get remarkable results. DropMock, All-In-One Design Software, is so simple to use that you can make and launch your first video within minutes of logging on to your new account. Now you can quickly and easily create attention-grabbing, engagement-boosting design mock-ups that are totally customized for your brand. These designs are impressive, professional-looking designs; innovative, sophisticated designs for your... [...]