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Monday, January 24, 2022

Archive for the 'Video Creation Software' Category

Super Backdrop makes green-screen videos powerful #ad

SuperBackdrop is for you if you have been looking for really good backdrops for your videos. You know – those static or video backdrops that make you look like you’re in a beautifully designed kitchen, or in a well-appointed office, or out in nature standing in front of trees covered in autumn leaves, or pool-side and you’re ready to jump in. With SuperBackdrop, you can be in one of these scenes while you’re actually standing in front of your green screen in our office or elsewhere. This new product has tens of thousands of these backdrops in their library, ready to be used to create... [...]

Final chance; SketchGenius launch ending; bonuses expire #ad

Today is the last day of the SketchGenius launch. All good things come to an end. The special discount on this bestselling 3D Sketch Animation Video Maker App ends at midnight. There are many first-to-market features packed into this app. At midnight EST, the price of SketchGenius will increase by $20. So if you want to use the powerful videos it can make to enhance your marketing, please don’t delay any longer. Also, the Bundle deal containing the basic software and all the upgrades will close down forever (and the $40 discount coupon expires) Get Bundle Deal Here: SketchGenius Bundle. (Use... [...]

SketchGenius: Sketch videos for marketing #ad

Animated sketches showing a product, a call to action, a business location, or anything else can be quickly made with SketchGenius. The product launch and the special launch pricing are nearly over. The investment needed will rise dramatically in a few days. If you want the power of sketch videos in your business, don’t delay. The basic version of this software will convert a photo or graphic into an animation showing the item being drawn in one of six styles: ➤ 3D Crayon Sketch ➤ Animated Sketch Notebook ➤ Chalkboard Sketch ➤ Animated Flipbook Sketch ➤ Black & White Pencil... [...]

SketchGenius: Innovative Sketch Videos made easy #ad

SketchGenius: Innovative Sketch Videos made easy #ad For the first time ever, with the new ground-breaking SaaS tool SketchGenius, you can transform boring static photos into visually captivating 3D drawings and sketch animated videos in various colors, sketch styles and backgrounds within minutes. It was launched on January 6, and through January 12, its price has been reduced from a monthly fee to a single payment. SketchGenius. features revolutionary first-to-market 3D sketch animation technology and next-gen artificial intelligence to create UNLIMITED pixel-perfect sketch animated videos that... [...]

The 93% Discount on Epic ends at 11:59pm EST tonight #ad

Epic has a new method that lets you legally acquire knowledge from top experts and use that knowledge to create highly profitable video courses on JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, and Udemy. With Epic, you find “Creative Commons” or “Public Domain” content and turn it into your own course. 5 reasons the creators give for why enrolling today is a smart business move: 1. Done-For-You course content, templates, software and Bonuses – just copy and paste to start selling your very own courses (without ever getting in front of the camera) 2. The Epic process is simple and quick. You... [...]

CourseReel: 60 Minutes to a profitable video course #ad

We have been telling you about the growing importance of online education. It is an opportunity online marketers should consider because it is rapidly growing as a profitable online niche. (CourseReel will make it practical for you – see below) Imagine this sequence of events: • You go to a website like Udemy or Coursera and pick a topic that has a lot of couse subscribers • You use CourseReel to curate the content you find • You rinse-and-repeat it a few time to teach various aspects of the topic. You have just created your first Video Course. Actually, you don’t have... [...]

Epic: Builds quick videos from available AV components #ad

There are a lot of apps that will record you as you talk. There others that will record a slide show. Epic does more. Although these videos can be used for many purposes, the creator, Mosh Bari, added features that are especially useful for video courses. His goal is that you develop passive income streams. He says it’s easy to get started building these online courses using a method he calls “Borrowed Expertise”, (1) using publically available components to build videos, and (2)borrowing the expertise of affiliates to sell your products. He says you can build helpful, expert-quality... [...]

[Brand New] TalkingFaces Client Getting Video App is Live #ad

How would you like to approach any business with something that will instantly boost engagement and conversions on their website? You can do it so easily with the new Video App, TalkingFaces. • Imagine being able to take a real human spokesperson and overlay it on most any website as an instant “Greeter,” coercing website visitors to take action. • Imagine being able to simply type what this REAL human will say. • Imagine even being able to change what this REAL human looks like.. • And now imagine having the commercial rights to something this powerful. It does all that,... [...]

Video Engine Pro: HD videos in a snap #ad

Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have just released new video creation software, called Video Engine Pro. This is a powerful live-action video builder (and point-n-click software) that creates multi-dimensional videos that are entertaining, informative, and persuasive. ✅ Fully Editable & Brandable Template Videos ✅ FULLY-Featured & Dynamic Video Maker ✅ Smart Timeline Editor ✅ Custom Blank Canvas Video Creator ✅ Precision Clip & Trim ✅ Audio & Voice Recorder ✅ 1 Click PerfectSync ✅ Background Music Loops ✅ Kinetic Text Animation ✅ Kinetic Transition Animation ✅... [...]

What is VidProposals? #ad

VidProposals is your all-in-one secure business proposal and contract management suite that helps you create professional video proposals, which include legal contracts for your clients to sign and seal the deal, all from one place. Here is what you can do with it: ➤ Create custom business proposals from dozens of included templates or from scratch ➤ Add graphics, text, and video that can be recorded right in the app ➤ Include a legal, secure contract for clients to sign with an E-Signature ​​​​​​​➤ Be notified when your client opens the contract and signs it ➤ Review returned... [...]