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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Archive for the 'email marketing tips' Category

The Advantage of Email Marketing [Podcast]

Copyblogger has published a new podcast titled ‘The Advantage of Email Marketing’ featuring Nathan Barry of ConvertKit. Darrell Vesterfelt says, “In this week’s episode Darrell and Nathan dig into email marketing from beginner to advanced, including: Nathan’s early views on digital marketing and why his core values haven’t changed How to build your audience (the right way) Why “Teach everything you know,” and “Work in public,” are still Nathan’s mottos The right time to build a product or sell something to your email list Why email is still the central hub for... [...]

39 Email List Building Techniques

Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages to people using email. It is one of the most used marketing tactics. To achieve email marketing success, you need a list. HubSpot contributor Andy Pitre has shared 39 simple ways to grow your email list. He says, “If you’re not working on building your email list already, or you’ve run out of ideas on how to do so, here are 39 simple ways to grow your email list. Please note that, with these methods, it’s essential to allow people to opt-in to receiving additional emails from your company, as some may not be interested. 39... [...]

HubSpot Shares 20 Email Newsletter Tools

Publishing email newsletters is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers and continue to promote your products and services. HubSpot contributor Nathaniel Medina has published an article highlighting 20 best email newsletter tools for engaging subscribers in 2021. He says, “With differences in features, pricing, and availability, choosing an email newsletter can be hard — especially with the number of options available. Additionally, newsletter tools differ in how much of the customer journey they can cover. Ultimately, when choosing your email newsletter tool, you’ll... [...]

CMI Shares 10 Best Practices to Write Email Subject Lines

When it comes to email marketing, you need to focus on several elements. The first and foremost is your language. Effective communication helps you closely connect with your prospects and make them take an action. Content Marketing Institute contributor Evaldas Mockus has shared 10 best practices to write the perfect email subject lines. He says, “How do you make a great first impression in inboxes? Read on to learn how to not only pique the interest of recipients but to better their engagement with your brand. 1. Make it personalized You have many personalization options for emails. For... [...]

Using Instagram to Grow Your Email List

Social media platforms help in several ways when it comes to promoting and selling your products. AWeber contributor Kelly Frost has shared some useful tips to help you grow your email list with Instagram. She says, “Instagram is great not just for your standard social media marketing, but for growing your email list as well. After all, there are many benefits to expanding your email list. You Own It First and foremost, your email list is the only communication asset that your business actually owns. With social media alone, you have to rely on the platform’s algorithm to show content to... [...]

Avoid These Spam Trigger Words in Your Email Subject

In email marketing, your words matter the most. From the subject line to the email content, you need to be alert in your communication. Mequoda contributor Kim Mateus has published an article highlighting subject line spam trigger words. She says, “Email subject lines are just one part of the email delivery equation. Emails are delivered to inboxes based on subject lines, spam trigger words, content, and reputation. In many cases, engagement is also applied to this filter. And subject lines don’t only consist of letters and characters anymore, now we have emojis. A couple of years ago,... [...]

How to trigger an automated email campaign from your Landing Page [Video]

AWeber has published a new video ‘How to trigger an automated email campaign from your Landing Page’ explaining how to manage automated email campaigns. AWeber  [...]

The power of Email Marketing for Software Companies [E-book]

Email is one of the most important marketing channels in today’s marketing mix. It helps you directly reach your prospective customers and sell your products. Sendinblue has published a new e-book titled ‘The power of Email Marketing for Software Companies’. This e-book explains the following: Why email marketing is essential for the software industry The best lead generation techniques to get high-quality contacts How to use email to enhance customer experience How to optimize your channels to grow your lists How to set up effective nurturing campaigns to drive conversions Why... [...]

How to Achieve Excellent Email Inbox Deliverability [Guide]

More and more consumers are adopting new technologies to help them “box out” the excess noise in their inboxes. It’s time to elevate your email reputation and increase deliverability performance. It starts with several key tactics for success. MarketingProfs has published a new guide ‘How to Achieve Excellent Email Inbox Deliverability’. Download this guide to learn about: Understanding the obstacle course that is email deliverability How to get your message through ISP level filters How to get your message through email client and software filters And, perhaps most... [...]

How to Write a Sales Email [Guide]

A well-written email can help you win more customers. By crafting persuasive emails, you can also improve trust and authenticity. Quick Sprout has published a short guide called ‘How to Write a Sales Email’. The Quick Sprout team says, “Attractive prospects receive tens, if not hundreds, of cold emails a day. Given this reality, it’s no wonder that most people are quick to pull the trigger on the delete button. Your prospects only have a few moments to scan their inbox and decide whether your email is worth opening. It may sound like an impossible task, but a well-crafted sales... [...]