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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Dave Guindon and Chris Guthrie’s AmaSuite for Amazon affiliates finds hidden niches for you to mine #ad

Dave and Chris just launched their brand new product “AmaSuite”. At the core of AmaSuite are Dave’s 3 Amazon research software tools The Azon Keyword Generator The Azon Top 100 Analyzer The Azon Product Inspector Together, these tools mine the tons of product data Amazon has collected and sift through the data to find the best opportunities for affilate sales in the niches you choose. Reviewers are excited about what they can do with these tools, and, to ensure success, no matter hoe new you are, your Dave and Chris are including Chris’s Amazon affiliate training course ... [...]

Scott Stamper shows you how to get AdWords traffic for 90% less than most people pay #ad

After a change in Google’s policy last fall, Stamper found that his income dropped- like a rock. He needed to reinvent his Adwords strategy. Long-tail keywords were no longer working for him as they did before. What he discovered was that he could earn more bidding on fewer keywords, 40 instead of thousands, and he could get clicks for a lot less than they usually go for. If you want to improve your own Adwords business, or create one from scratch, check out Scott’s Pretty Simple PPC here.  [...]

Ordinary guy quietly makes $Thousands a Month in Odd Niches with Little or No Competition #ad

It is amazing how many little, obscure niches there are for internet marketers if they know where to look. There aren’t just hundreds or thousands of them;there are thousands upon thousands of these keywords, buried so deep that even an expert keyword researcher will have a hard time finding them. Duston McGroarty has uncovered his share of these oddball niches, and now he is revealing his techniques. He’s not afraid of competition from you since the number of opportunities is so vast. He is going to show how to research to find the best niches and how to market to them once you find... [...]

“CB Video Crusher” shows you how to use home-made videos to make affiliate sales #ad

In this video tutorial you will see in actions, how to: Crank out videos in 1 minute flat Get them ranked on Page 1 fast find affiliate products that will actually sell so you don’t waste time promoting the wrong products. With the wide range of products available on Clickbank, you can repeat (again and again) the process you discover in a wide range of niches. Get the whole story here.  [...]

Viral WordPress plugin builds your list while it earns you money #ad

This plugin, which was created by well-known marketer/programmer, Derrick Van Dyke for his mother’s blog, is suited for any WordPress site. Build squeeze pages inside your WordPress blog, using one of the included templates, so you can sell products for years to come to your readers. Very flexible You even get the rights to re-brand and resell the plugin or even give it away to build your business. The only problem is that Derrick and his mother are only selling 300 copies and in the first three days, they have already sold over 200. If you use WordPress, don’t wait. Befor it’s... [...]

How to earn a good living providing internet services with someone else doing all the hard work #ad

Jamie Garside has been doing it for years- providing services for online marketers. In fact, he says he has been successfully running his own services for internet marketers on the side for a couple of years now, banking 4 figures worth of profit each and every month, without fail. But he is just a middleman. Someone else does the work he agrees to provide. He calls his training Service Provider Secrets. It’s a complete look inside the “services” side of his online business, quietly offering several different services to other internet marketers. He explains how to choose services... [...]

Use the “Free Backlink System” to get on Google’s first page #ad

This is the second edition of this training. Users of the earlier edition are raving about their results. It shows you how to use free tools and services to do your SEO. The 14 videos offer a comprehensive review of free SEO. Broke marketers need free tools whenever they can get them. This training shows you many free SEO tools so you won’t have to be broke for long. Learn all about the free tools for your SEO here.  [...]

Discover Mike Morgan’s Secret to Building Lots of Profitable Amazon Niche Sites Quickly #ad

Mike Morgan is known as “Million Dollar Mike” among major IM gurus. He has an enviable record of being part of major product launches. Now, he reveals his secret to Amazon affiliate sales. You don’t even have to buy anything to get his secret; it’s on his sales page: he uses exact-match domain names. So why buy his product? After testing lots of software tools and plenty of methods, he discovered a simple way to unlock hundreds exact match domains quickly. With his techniques, you can build Amazon niche Sites which are easy to rank at the top of Google, even with few (or... [...]

Spring is coming. Golf season is almost here. Get PLR golf equipment reviews for your sports site #ad

These reviews address 10 top golfing products on Amazon’s site, and are the perfect way for you to start making money from the golf equipment niche today. Each review is broken down into the following 4 sections: Product Description Good Points Bad Points Summary Only 50 copies are available so that the value won’t be diluted. Don’t wait. Go now to get your copy here.  [...]

Mike Artime has just released “My Blog Monetizer 3.0” for inserting affiliate ads in your blog #ad

This WordPress plugin makes inserting contextually-relevant ads into your blog, automatically and nearly instantly. In addition to the automation, the plugin tracks views and click-throughs for the ads and it does A/B testing, so you can see which ones to cut and which to emphasize. With just a few clicks you can run multiple campaigns throughout your blog, and track every single click. The plugin is well built and easy to use. The admin dashboard is particularly easy to navigate. Get the rest of the story here.  [...]