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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Archive for the 'Offline Consulting' Category

Reputor improves bad reputations 6 ways #ad

Small businesses have a hard time getting leads because their online reputation is often harmed by bad reviews. Reputor helps businesses get great reviews and improve their online reputation so they can attract more leads. It’s a fast, simple, and affordable solution for small businesses. Every day, this issue grows in importance. Since most commerce happens online now, if customers find a small business’s website, they won’t buy from it if their site doesn’t have new reviews and a solid online reputation. Reputor is a tool that helps businesses improve their online reputation by gathering... [...]

LocalCentric: Sell a service that every business needs #ad

There are still businesses without websites, so there is still a market for site building. But LocalCentric helps you win in a much bigger market for making those sites productive. A lot of businesses have all the start-up online services they need (site building, Facebook setup, etc.), but they will always need reputation management and brand management services. According to the creators, LocalCentric is the most advanced AI-Powered app that monitors and responds to reviews for local businesses, and does it Hands-Free. Everyone online needs to improve their online reputation. Their business lives... [...]

AppointOMatic: Sell this appointment management system for small businesses #ad

AppointOMatic launches tomorrow. How many times have you been stuck on a phone “on hold” while the doctor’s office or car dealer’s service department handled other people in front of you? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could check open times for appointments on their website and select the one convenient for you and reserve your spot, all with no waiting? That’s what AppointOMatic will do. Business owners know they are treating their customers poorly when they make them wait, but they didn’t know any solution. This is the biggest plight of most businesses!... [...]

Forrk builds online restaurant menus & takeout service; launch ends today #ad

Forrk, an app we have been telling you about that is the first to let you run a restaurant marketing agency on autopilot is set to close down tonight. At 11:59 pm EST today the price will more than double, plus all bonuses and all coupons will expire. Go here to secure access before it’s the founders special gone: Forrk. Consultants are already sending positive testimonials about getting their first clients with Forrk. See how you can create a restaurant’s pandemic survival system (touchless and online remote ordering) easily with this new software: By the way, this isn’t limited... [...]

4Brand tool rebrands online and local businesses #ad

You probably have heard that the Facebook company (but not the application) has been renamed “Meta”. The idea is to reflect the fact that the focus of the company is broader than just the Facebook website and may continue to broaden over time. A second goal was surely just to create a buzz around the company, to get people talking about it and thinking about it. Facebook isn’t the only company that has seen the value in rebranding itself. Since the pandemic, it’s been said that 70% of small-to-mid-sized businesses are also planning on investing to upgrade their digital presence. Using... [...]

3 Step Lead Generation: New unique 3-Step agency blueprint #ad

If you help local businesses in using the internet to build their business, you may want to consider 3 Step Lead Generation, if you aren’t doing as well as you would like. Ask yourself these questions: ➤ Do you find yourself buying “Shiny Objects”, buying product after product but none of them ever seem to work for you? ➤ Do you struggle with calling and speaking to clients or meeting prospects in person? ➤ Are you tired of wasting time meeting clients in person only to have them say “No” to your service or product? ➤ Are you tired of struggling to grow your business? ➤... [...]

Zapable App Builder: The end is near; Launch ends tomorrow #ad

Zapable builds mobile apps for Android and iOS, pure and simple. And you are getting an Agency license to build and sell apps all day long. Zapable launch is ending The creators, Andrew Fox and Chris Fox, are having a “Grand Finale” before it is taken off the market. They have just announced 3 new Closing Bonuses. (Don’t worry – if you’ve already bought, you will still get all new bonuses listed below added to your account.) The Fox team says these new bonuses bring the total value of their offer to $32,958 + UNLIMITED Apps & PWA (Instant Mobile App) Builds. Ready to... [...]

Real Estate Video Pro: Marketing videos for real estate agents #ad

If you have a consultancy or marketing agency helping local businesses be effective online or if you are a real estate agent, yourself, then Real Estate Video Pro may be right for you. If this is your market, it’s a big one. There are more than 2 million Real Estate Agents and Brokers in the USA. That’s a sizeable market, in itself. Add on Canada, UK, and Australia, and there is a huge market of English-speaking real estate professionals who are in need of new clients. The animated videos in Real Estate Video Pro draw in potential clients who are searching for an agent to help them... [...]

LSA Agency: Sell phone leads to local businesses #ad

Every business needs leads, people who are looking for the products and services they offer. The COVID-19 pandemic makes this need even greater, as businesses are shutting down for lack of customers. Today, Victory Akpos releases new software, LSA Agency, to make is possible for you to gather leads that local businesses are hungry for. Your marketing consulting business may grow as more and more businesses come to you fr leads. These leads are not just any leads; not the kind you get by copying from a phonebook or Chamber of Commerce directory. No, you can offer “ready to buy” leads... [...]

Bring client businesses into ADA Compliance #ad

Generating Local and International business leads for your marketing agency or business consultng practice is now a lot easier with the new software tool called ADA Leadz. It uses a proprietary algorithm to find and ‘prequalify’ Local and International businesses that have non-ADA compliant websites. But that’s just the beginning. Once it finds them, it generates custom reports that identify compliance issues on the site Then, it sends these prospects emails to convert these leads into paying clients for you, And the whole process is hands-free. ADA Comliance is a big opportunity for... [...]