There are a lot of ways to get traffic, but having a high Google ranking is one that works every time. People have tried a lot of ways to get that high ranking, and sometimes they work; sometimes they don’t

One way that apparently is always beneficial is having a Press Release that is written to address your audience with information they care about. But that’s a big order. How do you write a press release that actually gets the attention of the people you are targetting?

Press Release Traffic Code 2.0 was just announced and it has the keys to this process. There’s a lot of thought and planning needed for a good press release. For example, did you know that every included fact must be verifiable? Reporters are on the hook when they pick up a story; their publications have fact checkers who will want to prove a statement before it can be included in a story. Make it easy for them, or they may kill the story.

But it’s worth the trouble to get it right. Press Releases, when structured correctly, and sent to the right free services for distribution (and some paid ones too) can get you ranked so quickly, you’ll be surprised.

As the name implies, Press Release Traffic Code 2.0 is the new improved version of a successful guide from about a year ago. It comes as a PDF guide book, along with case studies so you can see how others have succeeded and you can get sample releases that you can model yours after.

You want to make sure that your press releases gets you ranked for useful keywords, so before you write it do some keyword research. They have included a supplementary guide to show how to do good keyword research. Plus other bonuses that will improve your success.

Press Releases can work for you if you know how to do them right. You can find out how with Press Release Traffic Code 2.0

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