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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

The new “Azon Cash Cow” reveals 75 of the best-converting high-commission Amazon products #ad

With hundreds of thousands of products, Amazon offers a rich opportunity for affiliates. But for good results, you need to research the products to find those that will repay your efforts. Azon Cash Cow has done the research and found 75 products that bring good sales plus good commissions to the table. The products are shown in a spreadsheet that makes finding the right one for your business easy. This can save you hours of research. These 75 products are each so powerful that each one could be the focus of a minisite business. They have all passed through three filters: Does this product also... [...]

Nick Farina releases “High Ticket Affiliate Attack” training #ad

Nick says you should stop wasting your time promoting products for $10 or $20 commissions. You could be earning $100, $500 or even $1000+ per sale for the same amount of work. If you are an affiliate marketer and aren’t making the level of profit that you would like, this report will help you fix that by showing you how to effectively promote more valuable products. His list of suggestions for high ticket promotions is insightful and lets you avoid hours of trial and error. Ironically, if we take his suggestions to heart, we won’t promote his book, which he has priced way low. You can... [...]

The Ultimate Affiliate Ad Plugin for WordPress – lets you promote Amazon, ClickBank, and Commission Junction products & More #ad

This is the latest version of a two-year-old plugin which has been upgraded more than 20 times, each time making it easier to use and more powerful. In this version, it continues to link to Amazon products, but now it reaches ever farther. Besides Amazon, you can promote products from other major affiliate systems such as Clickbank and Commission Junction. You can create ads for single Amazon products or comparison ads for a group of products. Use built-in styles or create new ones. There are many types and styles of ads. His video shows one automated type. Get the whole story and get this Ultimate... [...]

Zesh Ali’s new “QR Mind Control Method” uses QR Codes to pull in clients for offline businesses #ad

Zesh says that this system is easy to set up and demonstrate to potential offline clients. Once you have their interest many will be happy to pay you Instant Cash payments. This QR Mind Control system can be operated from anywhere in the world – Worldwide and it only takes around 5-7 minutes to set up. QR Mind Control is documented step-by-step, making it easy to follow. It avoids the need for any cold-calling and will help you generate more profits from your offline clients. Zesh explains the process and shows how easy it is to set up here.  [...]

Not all domain names are equal in value. Find the best ones with “PR Powershot” #ad

Walt Bayless discovered a method to locate expired, available for purchase, domains that already have high pagerank. Now he has created software to find them automatically. High pagerank domains have built-in advantages for marketers. They get more traffic and their backlinks are more valuable. With PR Powershot you can find domains in your niche that will become the backbone of your business. Don’t waste your money on domains that won’t bring you much value. Check out  [...]

New Traffic Source information makes one marketer $350 per day #ad

This free traffic sources can be used worldwide to bring more traffic to your website. And, after setup, it only takes minutes a day to bring in this traffic. Affiliates looking for traffic in their niche may find the new sources mentioned in this “Unheard Traffic” report brings them targeted traffic. Get the whole story here.  [...]

Need a Complete Guide to an Autopilot Business That Can Make You Over 5 Figures? #ad

Adam Martinez has just released his new report, Affiliate Tycoon. In it, he shows how he makes over $10,000 per month in affiliate marketing. He says he has been able to train other people in this method and they have repeated his success. The best part is that he doesn’t touch his websites after they are set up. The sales are made on autopilot. He tells all the details here.  [...]

Anwesh Rath releases Ultimate JV Magnet Plugin – makes doing Joint Ventures easy #ad

This new WP plugin gives your JV partners an incentive to promote for you and to recruit more JV partners for you. With it, you can give them branding, exposure, extra cash and, most important, a list of buyers. If you give them not only buyers, but other JV partners who can promote their next product, the opportunity becomes so attractive they will not want to pass it up. Get the whole story here.  [...]

Joe Lavery releases “Testing Dynamite” Training #ad

Testing Dynamite is a video course covering Lavery’s process for split testing. Much of what you will learn can be used with testing software available from various vendors. Topics include: How to set up a realistic website testing program to increase conversions How to test multiple leverage points simultaneously How to save money on testing This training consists of an e-book, a process flowchart for your guidance, and video lessons. Lavery also includes PHP scripts and codes to assist in your testing. Full details on Testing Dynamite available here.  [...]

PLR for your health web site; Tinnitus and its Treatment #ad

Patricia Lin has released another quality PLR package. It is a complete business in a box solution. It comes with a complete website, an ebook about tinnitus to sell, graphics (including PSDs) and more This package can get you started in a new niche or spruce up your existing tinnitus website. This package even includes blog posts and keyword lists to get you going. Get the whole story about the Tinnitus Remedy PLR package here.  [...]