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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Archive for the 'Google Analytics' Category

Here’s what you should know about Google Analytics metrics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful web analytics applications that help marketers strategies their marketing efforts. Various Google Analytics metrics help us make right decisions.Marketing Land contributor Stephen Murphy has shared the details of four deceptive Google Analytics metrics which should be considered with care.Murphy says, “For retailers, popular KPIs include Conversion Rate, Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value.KPIs only make up a tiny percentage of the overall metrics available to marketers. Anyone who has logged into Google Analytics can tell you... [...]

‘Advanced Google Analytics: Tricks for Goals, Events, and Tracking Codes’ Webinar July 20

MarketingProfs is hosting a webinar on ‘Advanced Google Analytics: Tricks for Goals, Events, and Tracking Codes’ on Thursday, July 20 at 12.00 pm ET.The webinar participants will learn how to use Google Analytics at an advanced level, to manage marketing tags and more.Webinar speakersAndy CrestodinaKerry O’Shea GorgoneMarketingProfs team says, “Today’s digital marketers rely heavily on website analytics. They’re how you evaluate campaign performance, understand your customers, and make improvements to your site. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to... [...]

MOZ Tutorial: Measuring Performance with Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps marketers analyze the performance of their websites by enabling them to measure ROI of marketing activities, impact of content engagement and understanding audience behavior.In an in-depth article, MOZ columnist Tom Bennet has shared how Custom dimensions feature can be used to supercharge your Google Analytics reporting setup. Bennet has explained Custom dimensions in terms of analyzing user engagement and user demographics.Bennet says, “A deeper understanding of your target audience is never a bad thing. Custom dimensions are just one of the many ways in which... [...]

Google Analytics to Support AMP in Coming Weeks

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology helps people build faster-loading pages for all types of sites, ranging from news to recipes to e-commerce.Google has announced that the Google Analytics will offer an enhancement that will give webmasters accurate understanding of how people are engaging with their business across AMP and non-AMP pages of the website.On the impact of these improvements, Google Analytics team says, “This change brings consistency to users across AMP and non-AMP pages served from your domain. It will have the effect of improving user analysis... [...]

‘Google Analytics is adding a new home page’ – Marketing Land

Matt McGee says, “There are more changes coming to the Google Analytics interface. Today, the company announced plans to give users a new home/landing page that’ll show right after login.The new home page will show a curated set of data from various reports, including real-time data, traffic sources, user location, devices used to visit your website and so forth. There’s some customization involved, too — users with goals or e-commerce will see a different home page than those without, for example. The various widgets (for lack of a better term) on the new home page will also offer... [...]

‘Google Analytics remarketing lists go cross-device May 15’ – Marketing Land

Ginny Marvin says, “Last September, Google announced it would start using signed-in user data to enable retargeting across devices on the Google Display Network. Starting May 15, audience lists created in Google Analytics will start using that data.Google has started showing the following alert in Google Analytics:Starting May 15, 2017, all properties using Remarketing with Google Analytics will be enhanced to take advantage of new cross-device functionality. This is an important update to your remarketing settings, which may relate to your privacy policy.The change means that advertisers... [...]

‘Need to contact Google My Business support? Use Twitter!’ – Marketing Land

Greg Gifford says, “It’s the end of the month, and that means it’s time for another edition of Greg’s Soapbox! Except this time, it’s not so much me standing on the soapbox and ranting; I’m more standing near it and politely providing helpful advice.Almost two years ago, I wrote a post here about using Google phone support if you had issues with Google My Business (yes, I’m not linking to the post on purpose). Depending on your particular keyword phrase when you search, that post usually ranks anywhere from #2 to #5 for any variation of “Google My Business support” —... [...]

‘Are you leveraging these underutilized Google Analytics features?’ – Marketing Land

David Booth says, “If you’re a digital marketer these days, odds are extremely good that web analytics is a major part of your toolkit. With its massive adoption in the market, odds are also good that the tool you’re using is Google Analytics.But are you really getting everything you can out of it?Here at Cardinal Path, we help our customers extract the most value they possibly can from data, and that means leveraging the most powerful, obscure, underutilized bells and whistles of Google Analytics’ standard and 360 products.Here’s a checklist that can help ensure you’re taking... [...]

‘Simple Tips for Sleuthing Your Site Performance Using Google Analytics’ – CMI

Jodi Harris says, “How do you measure up when it comes to measuring the impact and value of the content you are publishing?Fortunately, for most questions you may have about your content’s performance, there’s a way to find the answer – and very often, that answer can be found through Google Analytics.Chances are you already use this robust tool to track key metrics like website visits, page views, and bounce rates. But Google Analytics can also uncover deeper, more-actionable insights that can paint a clearer picture of the results your content is achieving now and reveal critical... [...]

‘Small business owners: 3 steps to creating accurate Google Analytics reports’ – Search Engine Land

Diana Huff says, ““Our traffic is going down,” said a client in a recent email. Attached to the email was a chart showing this year’s traffic compared to last year’s traffic. Yep, traffic had indeed gone down.The reason for the downward trend was easy to diagnose: we had created a Filtered View in Google Analytics, which excluded traffic coming from the people within the client’s company who accessed the website daily. More important, we had excluded referral spam. The referral spam had become so bad, it had outpaced organic search and was skewing data in the worst way.I explained... [...]