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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Archive for the 'Google News' Category

How Google Crawls and Indexes: A Non-Technical Explanation [Video]

Search Engine Land‘s George Nguyen has published a new video ‘How Google crawls and indexes: a non-technical explanation’ to help you learn how Google considers websites for indexing.He says, “The crawling and indexing processes lay the groundwork for search engines to rank results. Despite being fundamental aspects of how search engines operate, crawling and indexing are often overlooked or misunderstood. During our crawling and indexing session of Live with Search Engine Land, Martin Splitt, search developer advocate at Google, explained these two processes using a simple... [...]

Strategies to Improve Influencer Marketing

According to Big Commerce, 17% of companies spend more than 50% of their marketing budget on influencers. A Mediakix study has revealed that influencer marketing brings better ROI than other marketing channels. You can grow your sales by finding the influencers who can promote your products and services. Marketing Insider’s Kathy Sheehan has shared some useful ways to improve influencer marketing in 2020.Sheehan says, “Finding the right influencer partner sounds simple, but it must be done right. Influencers should be kind, socially conscious, make their followers... [...]

How to Perform Website Audit with Google Analytics

Regular website audit can help you to keep your website in search engine result pages.Orbit Media Studios‘s Andy Crestodina has shared a seven-step process to perform website audit using Google Analytics.Crestodina says, “Finding opportunities. That’s what Analytics is all about, right? Find what’s working and then double down on that approach.But you can also use Google Analytics to see:• if there are bugs,• if anything is missing,• if anything is broken.It’s a super fast way to audit your website. You can often find big problems in just a few clicks.Here... [...]

The Changing Landscape of Google’s SERPs [Podcast]

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages you see in response to your search queries on search engines. SERPs feature rich snippets, paid search results, universal graphs and knowledge graphs. Google continues to make changes to the SERPs for providing better user experience.Search Engine Journal‘s Brent Csutoras has published a new podcast episode ‘The Changing Landscape of Google’s SERPs’ featuring Peter Leshaw.Csutoras says, “For episode 182 of The Search Engine Journal Show, I had the opportunity to interview Peter Leshaw, a seasoned digital marketing... [...]

A Guide to Using Google Analytics for Beginners [Guide]

The Google Analytics platform enables webmasters to measure their website performance, advertising ROI and track flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. Builtvisible has published ‘A guide to using Google Analytics for beginners’ to help you understand and learn how to use Google Analytics service.This guide covers the following:The Basics of TrackingAccount StructureReporting InterfaceKey ConceptsTools & Resources.A guide to using Google Analytics for beginnersBuiltvisible [...]

‘Why Every Brand Should Be Rethinking Their Influencer Strategy’ Webinar March 24 [Webinar]

Well planned influencer marketing campaigns can be a driving force for your business. The biggest challenge of this form of marketing is – identifying right influencers. Retail Dive is hosting a webinar ‘Why Every Brand Should Be Rethinking Their Influencer Strategy’ on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 11.00 am ET. SMT team says, “In a survey from UM Media Agency, only 4% of consumers trust what influencers say online. Instead, consumers are looking for a more transparent, authentic brand experience. To build this kind of authenticity, smart brands such as Nautica are... [...]

‘How To Rank Sites & Grow Targeted Traffic In 2020’ Webinar March 18 [Webinar]

Getting more and more website traffic is very important for your business. And to increase traffic you need to create quality content and adopt right SEO strategies. The Hoth team is hosting a webinar ‘How To Rank Sites & Grow Targeted Traffic In 2020’ on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 2.00 pm EST. The Hoth says, “Experience SEO Case Studies Showing Exactly How Sites Are Taking Over The Ranks Of Google In 2020 2020 SEO Case StudiesFirst, we’ll show you brand new SEO case studies on how we’re ranking sites in 2020Battling Back Against UpdatesNext,... [...]

Yoast Shares Brief History of Google’s Algorithm Updates

Google continues to improve its search engine algorithm by regularly announcing various updates. These updates are aimed at providing better search experience to the Internet users. Yoast contributor Melina Reintjens has shared a comprehensive article highlighting various Google search algorithm updates.Reintjens says, “These days, the way we do SEO is somewhat different from how things were done ca. 10 years ago. There’s one important reason for that: search engines have been continuously improving their algorithms to give searchers the best possible results. Over the last... [...]

Guide to Tracking Clicks From Emails in Google Analytics

Google Analytics platform helps you to evaluate your website performance and make necessary changes. With Google Analytics you can also check your email campaign performance. Converion Uplift’s Neal Cole has published a short guide to using Google Analytics to track clicks from your email campaigns. Cole says, “It’s essential to track clicks from emails in Google Analytics to be able to measure the performance of your email campaigns. However, email clicks are also an important step in most sign-up and password reset journeys.Many off-the shelf solutions, such as Mailchimp,... [...]

‘Last Click is Outdated: Learn to Use Google Analytics’ New Attribution Beta’ Webinar February 27 [Webinar]

Google Analytics platform enables you to learn about your website performance and make necessary changes to improve your marketing performance. Hanapin Marketing team is hosting a webinar ‘Last Click is Outdated: Learn to Use Google Analytics’ New Attribution Beta’ on Thursday, February 27, 2020. Hanapin team says, “Google’s new tool compares how different attribution models impact the valuation of your marketing channels. Attribution models can be beneficial if you are looking for a deeper understanding of the customer journey, changing internal mindsets on how conversion... [...]