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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Google Analytics' Category

How Sampling Works in Google Analytics 4 [Answered]

In data analysis, sampling is the practice of analyzing a subset of all data in order to uncover meaningful information in the larger data set. In Google Analytics, sampling is used for understanding campaign performance and improving future campaigns. OnlineMetrics contributor Paul Koks has published a post on how sampling works in Google Analytics 4. He says, “I have been using Google Analytics for 10+ years now and one of the biggest pains in Universal Analytics is sampling. There are certainly ways to deal with it, but for the regular (non-paying) user there isn’t a very good solution. Today,... [...]

A Guide to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics gives marketers the ability to analyze website data for their business, and make informed decisions. In October 2020, Google launched Google Analytics 4. Seer Interactive has published a comprehensive guide to Google Analytics 4 to help new marketers easily use it. Julian Litvak says, “There is an explosion of need for marketers with GA4 capabilities and recent graduates, with knowledge of the tool, will greatly benefit. The evolution of data privacy, artificial intelligence and online behavior, will make Google Analytics 4 vital to savvy businesses that want to succeed in... [...]

Google Analytics 4 Tutorial [Video + Blog Post]

Google Analytics 4 is a new kind of property, with different reports than what you’re used to seeing in Universal Analytics properties. One advantage of a Google Analytics 4 property is that you can use it for a website, an app, or both a website and app together. Analytics Mania’s Julius Fedoroviciu has published a detailed Google Analytics 4 tutorial for beginners. He says, “I have split the article into 4 main chunks: How to properly install Google Analytics 4 How to track events with Google Analytics 4 (and where to find that data in the interface) How to track conversions... [...]

How to Use Google Analytics 4 [Guide]

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a web analytics tool from Google that lets you track and measure user traffic and behavior on your website for free. It’s used by an estimated 28.8 million websites, giving it an estimated 85.9% share of the web analytics market. Ahrefs has published a detailed guide titled ‘How to Use Google Analytics 4 for Beginners’. Kayle Larkin says, “Building a successful website without data is hard. Really hard. Like doing a tightrope walk blindfolded, it is possible—but it’s way easier with the lights on. Enter Google Analytics. Google Analytics... [...]

15 Common Google Analytics Mistakes

Google Analytics web analytics service tracks and reports website traffic. With this service, you can identify the lacunas and improve your website for better performance. Search Engine Journal’s Brian Harnish has published an article highlighting 15 common Google Analytics mistakes we should avoid. He says, “In this column, you’ll learn 15 of the most common Google Analytics mistakes — and how to find and fix them. 1. Having More Than One Google Analytics Tracking Code Having more than one instance of Google Analytics tracking code can cause you to over-report your data. This over-reporting... [...]

Get to Know Google Analytics 4: A Complete Guide

Google Analytics 4 tool helps you understand website traffic and how users behave on-site. Search Engine Journal has published ‘Get to Know Google Analytics 4: A Complete Guide’. Kayle Larkin says, “In this complete guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with Google Analytics 4: What’s Changed. Making the Switch to GA4. How GA4 Helps Reporting. Best Ways to Use GA4 Reports”. Get to Know Google Analytics 4: A Complete Guide Search Engine Journal  [...]

Your Guide to Setup Google Analytics 4 Web Tracking

The Google Analytics 4 (GA4) platform has undergone several changes to provide us with better insights into marketing. By setting up web-based GA4 tracking, you can allow GA4 to begin collecting data. Seer Interactive contributor Jennifer Blunt has published a step-by-step guide to help you set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) web tracking. says, “With all we’ve been hearing about Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and how it’s one of the biggest changes to Analytics we’ve ever seen, it can feel intimidating to know where to begin. While there’s still a lot of unknowns, one of the best ways to... [...]

How to Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 [Guide]

Measure School’s Julian Juenemann has published a useful guide to called ‘How to Upgrade to Google Analytics 4’. He says, “This guide will teach you how to set up Google Analytics 4 and if you should consider changing over to using that instead of Universal Analytics. In this post, we’ll cover how to: Access a GA4 property that you might already have (App+Web) Use the GA4 Setup Assistant to link a new property to an existing one Create a new GA4 property from scratch Install GA4 on your website and start collecting data So let’s dive in! Why You Can’t “Upgrade”... [...]

A Google Analytics Love Affair

Infinum Inc. contributor Mirna Hari has published an article on Google Analytics titled ‘A Google Analytics Love Affair’. She says, “Many love stories happen spontaneously; or even accidentally. But some start with a meticulously planned strategy. This particular strategy included asking a boy out using Google Analytics, or more precisely, using UTM parameters. UTM parameters UTMs are customizable pieces of text that you add to a URL, which allow analytics software like Google Analytics to track custom traffic. Using UTM-s can help us figure stuff out like which traffic sources,... [...]

Getting Started with the next generation of Google Analytics [Guide]

Google has published a new guide called ‘Four steps to get started with the next generation of Google Analytics’ to help you start new Google Analytics. The Google team says, “As customers engage with your business in new ways, it’s important that you are able to understand their journeys across multiple touchpoints, and deliver better experiences that meet their evolving needs. Analytics gives you the essential insights you need to be ready for what’s next, and the new Google Analytics is designed to help you get better ROI from your marketing for the long term. While the... [...]